A Peek-a-Boo into the Heritage of the Walled City

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7:45 AM. Saturday Morning. As the morning sun kissed the hazel blue sky of the city, the chirping birds welcomed another new day. And CC’s entire Creative Team was ready with their walking shoes at Swaminarayan Temple, Kalupur.

A lousy weekend morning turned into an interesting tryst with the walled city of Ahmedabad.

Ahmedabad Heritage Walk was long due for all of us, even for those who belong here. Connecting with the roots again is always a good idea. Walking amidst the ‘Pols’, ‘Chabutras’, ‘Tombs’, and the ‘Masjid’, we re-discovered Ahmedabad – raw with its naked emotions. The beauty of Amdavadi culture was seeped deep on the streets we walked.  The temple bells conversed with us in divine tunes, and the silence of the masjid provoked peace within. The walk from ‘Mandir to Masjid’ was an experience that would not be forgotten for a long, long time.

Some moments during the walk were freezed in time and so emerged a canopy of beautiful captures by the shutterbugs of CC. Nothing inspires art more than art itself. And so, stroll through some of the best clicks of the day.

Bhargav Mistri
God is in the little things.
Guru Singh
I am telling you a secret through my camera. You can hear it, if you keep your eyes open.
Harsh Mehta
A photo is more than a mere medium of ideas. For I know no art more honest than photography.
Megha Saxena
You might not know my language, but I am sure if we both had cameras, we wouldn’t need a word to communicate.
Kristina Parekh
I will let my camera do the talking.
Vijay Chauhan
I don’t believe in time travel, but I do believe in photographs.


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