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This is one of those ‘Once Upon A Time’ stories triggered by a few random events that left me with yet another insight into human nature!

A pleasant evening welcomed me as I came out of an enriching experience at Ahmedabad Book Fair. The sun had painted the sky crimson and the rush hour traffic had luckily spared the roads. I plugged the headphones and happily drove off, listening merrily to my favorite playlist. It wasn’t long before that I reached the first of the many crossroads, en route a café.

As I waited for the signal to turn green, a haggardly lady approached me. She was carrying a ‘thali’ embellished with small pictures of ‘Matajis’, a ‘diya’ and some ‘kumkum’. The mystical lady asked me for some money and in return be rewarded by the blessings from all those ‘Matajis’. I smartly paused the music but did not remove the headphones and as if I hadn’t heard a single word from her. To my surprise, she started cursing me when she couldn’t get my attention.

“You will soon face the wrath of Mataji because you don’t care about her,” the God-woman cursed. Thus she ordained me to ‘Nark’ through a complex articulation of curses. Luckily, the green light rescued me and I drove off from there!

I didn’t turn on the music thereafter. Her words rankled somewhere deep within. As if that was not enough, a ‘Pir Baba’ popped-up at the next crossroad. I was gifted with the same lot of curses, all over again except that ‘Jahannum’ replaced ‘Nark’.

And would you believe it? At the third crossroad, I found a nun walking towards me. I rushed out of her path because I had no energy left to take a detour to hell on my way to ‘Jahannum’ and ‘Nark’.

Lost in the mental chaos, I somehow reached the café of salvation and felt better after sipping the coffee. I started thinking clearly only after I finished coffee in a hurry. As the whirlwind of thoughts slowed down, some insights started coming to me. I started wondering why can’t we just keep ourselves away from the robes of religions and simply don the clothes of humanity? The world is flooded with the followers of ‘religions’ who don’t want us to explore the beauty of humanity. And if someone does, the society starts labeling him as an atheist, agnostic, panentheistic, pantheistic and what not!

That doesn’t mean religions are not good. They are! But these so-called messengers are ruining it. Godmen and their greed has made religion quite obnoxious. John Lennon was spot on when he said, “Jesus was alright, but his disciples were thick and ordinary. It’s them twisting it that ruins it for me.” Osho has a very impressive outlook on this. He says, “In three thousand years politicians have dragged humanity into five thousand wars, but you’ll be surprised: even in five thousand wars politicians have not been able to kill more people than religions have killed.”

We have been forced to not question the religion and the Godmen. Applying logic here surely seems to be forbidden! Maybe, that apple in the Adam and Eve’s story was logic! Jokes apart, aren’t we all clinging onto religion too religiously and leaving behind the very essence of humanity?

P.S. It’s better not to confuse humanity as a religion too. It’s just supposed to be human nature!


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  1. Neetu

    Truly said zill..
    Being religious is sometimes very confusing,  while being a nice human sometimes give peace ;
    which is, by the way, one of the true purpose of being religious.