Being Young

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Staying up late
Never ending days
Challenging the limits of self –
That’s the essence of being young.

Dreams over memories
Forever headed forward
Enslaving self to the beckon of passion –
That’s the tenacity of being young.

Faster than time
Keeping pace with heartbeats
Pushing self to catch the train of thoughts –
That’s the vitality of being young.

In playfield of love
Heart’s a plaything
Stealing moments for reflection within self –
That’s the perplexity of being young.

Taking chances
Venturing into the unknown
On journey of exploration of self –
That’s the artistry of being young.


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Megha SaxenaWritten by Megha Saxena ·

Meet Megha. An imaginative being, a polymath, a neophyte philosopher and a fiercely passionate creative professional. Crazy as she is, she derives creative spark from her unabashed sense of humour. Being a hyperactive soul, you'll mostly find her engrossed deeply in accomplishing things.

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  1. Aashish Vishwakarma

    Wonderfully written! Although it makes me realise, I may not be very young affer all! ?

    • Megha Saxena

      Thanks Aashish. 🙂
      I hope you realise this too, you can always go back to being youthful. 😉