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From the moment she is born, she is kept in the first box
Where she is judged based on her color
And then her looks
And then her arrival in a family
That may be did not need a ‘girl’ child.

She grows up in a family
Where her brother is treated better
And she is taught to behave
She is sent to school but never given any freedom
And is soon sent to the second box
Where she is dictated the terms of being a teenage girl

She is very lucky if she gets to go to college
Well obviously, she was not supposed to study in the first place!
She excels in a particular subject
Decides to pursue it further
Only to realize
It is time to move to another box
It is time she gets married!

Why you ask?
That is what the society demands!
What if she wants to pursue a career?
Well she doesn’t have the luxury to do so!

The marriage box is where she lives the longest
She is expected to be this multi-tasking human
Who does the home chores, takes care of the family
Raises kids
Oh yes, having kids isn’t a choice!

As she gets older, her life continues to be about people around her
And not about her!
She has by now got used to living in this box.
Her kids too learn that life is such for women!

A never ending circle in a box
Irony, eh?

Okay don’t be so disappointed
This is just about half the women in India
What about others you ask?

Well we tried hard, very hard to break these boxes
But alas! The society refuses to change
So we have found a way
We have started creating a new box
A box that doesn’t dictate rules
That gives you the opportunity to be you
That surrounds you with like-minded women
That isn’t perfect but is still a better box!

But you know what the problem is?
The society still won’t budge
It still keeps hammering you with
How can you do this?
How can you choose a different box for yourself?
How can dress up like that?
And party till late night?
How you can choose work over family?
How can you not get married?
How can you be in a relationship with a guy who doesn’t belong to your caste?
How can you speak up for yourself?
How can you demand for your rights?
How you can you be free when we designed boxes FOR YOU!
How can you breathe free?
AH! I can’t!

Every day is a different struggle in a woman’s life,
Even if she wins 9/10 she still isn’t happy inside
The constant hammering hurts
And no I don’t need your sympathy
I know you have your own problems
But just don’t ever judge or ask a woman
What box she belongs to!


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  1. Drashti

    “And no I don’t need your sympathy”
    So much agreement.

  2. satyavratsinh jadeja

    Fantastic! Out of the ‘Box’!

  3. Salehin

    #Clapping #standingaudition!!! Well i will not say your thinking is correct rather I would say All the best for a new change.