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Corporate Film & Video Production Services

Communication Crafts is a Creative Agency based in Ahmedabad. With 13 years of experience and one of the largest multi-skilled teams in place, we apply our design thinking to create winning brands. We believe that we are stakeholders in your business’ success. We’re obsessed with outcomes not output.

Systematically produced videos that showcase your company in good light and highlight every aspect of your work processes are a must have in your corporate kit. And that is where our video production and corporate film making company comes into picture. We have experience of producing over a hundred corporate videos and AV presentations for several national & international companies and corporates.

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A corporate film tells the story of your company. It starts with the company’s core philosophy, establishes its corporate identity, narrates the company history and then proceeds to give a bird’s eye view of its infrastructure, production units. A corporate film also depicts products and services, introduces the team, and presents the CSR initiatives and most importantly the message that the top brass of the company has to send out along with client testimonials. And all that in just 5 minutes!

We use our imagination wherever you want!

Our SOCIAL MEDIA posts have two responses; Wow and Super Wow! We are the DIGITAL MARKETING pioneers where DESIGN is a silent ambassador! At CC, our FILMS will make your brand stand out while our WEBSITES will keep working for you even when you are not!


We know that you are a large company that needs a holistic approach towards marketing! Rather than tapping multiple agencies, you can deal with just one! Over the years we have won 6 national awards and ours is the largest multi-skilled creative team in the state.



A unique script is the secret of any film’s success. We create indulging content to invite and inspire your clients. Our concepts throw light upon your strengths to effectively communicate the vision of your company during your Investor Meets, Team gatherings, Client Conferences and Budgeting reviews.


The production refers to the shooting days. We have a professional production team with cameramen, crew and director who are adept at both on-set and outdoor shoots. We have capabilities for full HD and slow-mo Shoots.

Post Production

The post-production phase in the corporate film production process involves editing the captured footage, adding captions, graphics, music and narration before outputting the compilation in a format suitable for screening, DVD and/or web streaming. Mastering is the outputting of the final copy of the movie in whatever format required.


A picture is worth a thousand words and as your creative media partners we use the visual media to create new experiences and open new doors to opportunity. We are a team of storytellers with the right people who bring the right amount of experience to help your brand thrive.

Your involvement

If the topic is your company, you are the expert. Remember, in appointing us for a film project you begin a liaison which will continue until the film is ready. It is likely, during that time that key people in your company will need to be involved, to help with the details during scripting, or in the production itself, perhaps in the form of an interview; all this going hand in hand with our video production services, is bound to create an exceptional piece of production in the end.


Our film team displayed exceptional skills while producing a corporate movie for the renowned hospital. We brought home the prestigious Foxglove Award in 2017 for the same.

Print Design

We ran a successful advertising campaign for Satvam Masala, which included designing and publicizing of multiple hoardings as well as print ads focused on product promotion.

Website Development

We developed a website which was an amalgamation of adaptive themes, elegant designing and intelligent content for the reputed club.

Social media management

We are the minds behind its highly successful social media presence since the beginning. Our understanding and execution of the brand identity has wowed the client and the audience.


We have helped the brand rank higher on search engine results page with our effective on-page and off-page SEO services. Moreover, our email marketing services help AGL stay connected with its clients.