Goa – Where ‘The Masks’ drop-down!

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Get ready; we’re going on a short trip to the land of beaches- Goa! Excited? Well, we’re not going by air or train; neither it’s a road-trip. Rather, it’s a ‘word-trip’! A ‘word-trip’ that would definitely end-up in you, texting your friends or family to plan a trip or maybe creating a Whatsapp group named ‘Go Goa!’

Most of us hold a special sort of fascination for this particular place. In fact, the reflection of this fascination is seen in our Bollywood movies too! Be it ‘Khamoshi’, ‘Finding Fanny’, ‘Go Goa Gone’ or the epitome of all – ‘Dil Chahta Hai’! Apparently, every next ‘dil, chahta hai’ a trip to Goa with their own crazy squad! But have you ever a thought of a ‘why’? Why such a level of fascination for Goa over every other dream travel destination?

My curiosity of knowing about your ‘whys’ is the by-product of the ‘why’ that popped up in my head, while on my recent trip to Goa! My squad & I took a walk through the Tito’s lane and then took the beach-route to reach St. Anthony’s. It was on this path when I started off with my hobby of observing people around. And suddenly I witnessed this over the top love for Goa on their faces. My ‘why’ knocked the doors here and I found a new task while on my trip!

People were walking with their beloved’s hand in theirs or a bottle of beer in their hands! Some found a platform for their hidden hobby of singing at the karaoke session, while many transformed the café into a dance floor. Some found their piece of peace in watching the waves coming closer as the evening faded, while some sat back and went ahead with their share of chitter-chatter. Everyone appeared to have found a place to explore & rejoice the self. And I seemed to be rejoicing the scene!

Two more days & nights of such rejoicing moments and it was time to say goodbye to the holiday! But there was one thing I took back home with my luggage (apparently, which can’t raise any legal issues while checking out) and that was the ‘why’! Why can’t we see such rejoicing faces, back home? Why can’t there be such rawness around other travel destinations? Why is it that only at Goa, where all the worldly masks drop-down? Why?!

As you know that the answers to such questions come to you when you least expect them, (mine come mostly in the WC). I accidently came across the answer while taking a ‘chai’ halt on my personal procrastination roadway- the midnight hours! And the answer was simple! Perhaps, we are clinging too much to all the norms, dorms & acts of all forms; something we’re also eager to cut ourselves away from.

When a father-in-law appreciates his daughter-in-law for her new achievement at work; she wants to jump with joy and go hug him like her own father but she has to settle down for a ‘Thank You!’ When a son wants to talk about his first crush with his dad & also rest his wonder quest about his father’s first crush; he has to choose a friend to share it all, over the father. When going for a night-party a girl goes for straightened hair while she actually loves her curls. And what is with these duck-faces and fish-gapes?

P.S. ‘The Mask’, yes! As little kids, we just loved him dearly. As we grew up, we came across multiple masks to be donned as & when required. These were the masks we never really liked deep down. And so, all these masks drops-down and find an escape route, when in the city of hippies- Goa! It is there where you unburden the self from all the masks; though for a short while. Just like Stanley did in the climax of ‘The Mask’!


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