Graphic Design Services

Our clients say that they love getting things designed from us. Everything we do is designed to create iconic brand moments that cultivate an emotional connect with the audience. Our team of graphic designers is a powerhouse of talent and creativity who as ace visual storytellers perform a kind of alchemy that delivers stunning visual identity. We master designing… period.

Brand identity and logo designing

We don’t just design brand identity for companies, we brand companies so that they stand out. Our graphic design company excels at crafting and designing brand identities that include your logo, business cards, letterheads and more to communicate a consistent brand message which resonates with people that matter.


Branded merchandise or promotional products go beyond than just being a touch point for the brand; they boost your brand identity. At our graphic design studio, we see it as a high performance marketing tool that gives great ROI over time that’s why we have a dedicated account manager and creative team to meticulously plan and execute all aspects of creative merchandise design and branding process. This translates into greater variety of brand merchandise and quality merchandise that best reflects your brand values and brand personality.
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Print, Ads, OOH, Hoardings

Want to create a buzz around your brand, event or engage mass audience? As your outdoor advertising experts, we offer you the full palette of outdoor advertising including print-ads, OOH, hoardings to engage your audiences on the go. As your outdoor advertising partner, you can expect our creative team to offer custom graphic design services that further help you engage and connect with mass audience.

Brochures, ATL, BTL and print collaterals

We create print collaterals that spark conversations! We help you create strong brand identity with creative brochures and print collaterals that connect the dots. They are a sum of parts that bring together the best of typography, colour, design, illustrations, graphic design and creative copywriting.

Custom illustrations and infographics

We’re artists, and the opportunity to undertake custom illustration projects brings us nothing short of a sense of excitement! Whether you’re looking for a custom illustration to be the trademark for an event poster or a bit of coolness to decorate a t-shirt, CC just might be the one to help you get from what’s in your head to what’s on the page.
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Annual reports

Our design team can rev up your annual reports so they better articulate your brand story and ethos to connect and engage all stakeholders.

Keynote & corporate presentations

We make your keynote and corporate presentations stand out through a meticulous behind-the-screen execution. From creatives to graphics, you can count on our diligent graphic designing team to transform your ideas, vision and thoughts to powerful presentations optimized for your audience.


Our multi-disciplinary teams collaborate to leverage packaging as a powerful brand identity tool and bring your brand to life to make an impact. It includes portfolio segmentations, limited editions and more.

Exhibition panels and backdrops

We deliver high quality exhibition panels and backdrops that help your brand stand out. From modular exhibition stands to fabric display stands and stunning backdrops, we are you one stop solution.

Environment graphics

Our consultants at Communication Crafts help you ace the multi-disciplinary Environment Graphics by pushing the boundary in creativity and visual design. We’re passionate about using environment design to connect people to place through active engagement.
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