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It’s been 14 years since the existence of WordPress being known in the global market as a “blog” platform. But for last few years, it also has become a favourite of all as a CMS (content management software) for non-blogging websites.

So, this happens: Often while interacting with my clients, they ask me difference between HTML (static website) & WordPress. More often than not, they ask why should we change the development platform to WordPress?

I am answering this question for once and all. Why choose WordPress over HTML?

The interface & functionality of WordPress is very easy to use. For instance, uploading blogs, images, replacing content, adding a page etc. is like a cinch, because of the technology being used.

2-Any place any time!
This platform is completely browser based, which means you just need a computer with an internet connection to access.

3-Stress free editing
It is an unexpurgated system which has been developed in a way that it does not require HTML editing software. You can edit, upload, remove /add etc. hassle-free.

4-SEO loves WordPress
The codes on WordPress are real simple which makes search engines easy to crawl. Each post, page & image can have its own meta tag, keywords, description, title & in addition, it gives you enhancement options to use relevant tags.

5-You’re the boss
No more waiting! You can do the updates on your own without being dependent on the web developer or web designer. You can also change the look and feel of the site – it is customizable and provides a thrilling experience to your customers.

6-In built blog
As the platform was initially created for blogging, the capabilities are inbuilt and easy to integrate, if required. Functionalities like commenting, automatically posting the blog on website, etc. are easy to set-up. Also, it comes with additional features & plugins like adding video, social media sharing or follows buttons most of which are free or are pocket friendly.


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