With colleagues like you, office is no more the boring OFFICE!

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Wake up early in the morning, complete your chores, come to the office, complete your chores, go home and REPEAT this every day! Boring, isn’t it? No! Not at all!

When you have colleagues like I have, you’d never say this!

I have some awesome pals here at CC! In the HOR (Home-Office-Repeat) cycle, I have something that keeps me going and that’s nothing but my mates! In the entire one and a half year of my journey at CC, I’ve lived thousands of fond memories which I’ll forever hold close to my heart.

Festival celebrations, birthday parties, corn pulao parties, Appy Fizz Puri (Pani-puri – substituting pani with Appy Fizz) parties, birthday dinners, ice-cream parties and what not! Yes I know all of these parties have something to do with the food items but this is what we mostly enjoy doing here and I so love it! 😀

While we’re talking about food at CC, how can I miss talking about the sarcasm popping out of my colleagues’ minds about me being a Jain? The moment you start a conversation with anybody here, it has to start with a Jain food item, getting trapped into a Jainism controversy and probably ending with no-more-Jain-arguments left (phew!) Being a Jain is another perk of getting so much attention and love from your pals!

And yes, when somebody comes to know about my so called impressive name FENI, the alcoholics imagine a picture of the world-famous Goan alcohol called FENI! Others who are the not-so-booze types, come up with “Finding Feni… or O Feni re… or Feni ne mujhe bulaya, me chala aaya…” type songs to tease me.

Hold on! Where is all this going? I’m here to tell you about my gang! So let me introduce each hatke member of my CC gang. Believe me, each one is a crazy sample! 😛

Let me start with the angry young man (angry looks, soft heart) Amit Gurav who supports me as a great leader, friend and guide along with leaving no stone unturned when it’s about my taang-khinchaai.

Hassan who makes sure that I smile every day and is sincerely concerned to find my Mr. Right as soon as he can! (So that he can get rid of me!)

Kristina and Payal who are my Chaaat and Chat mates!

Sharmaji who proofreads all my write-ups and appreciates me always.

Daxesh who listens to me even when he is SO NOT interested!

Dipti who is the best companion for my visits to Shoppers Stop or National Handloom or any mall during the break! 😀 The only person at CC with whom I can plan my walking trips. 😉

Nikita – “Feni-Sha” is what she calls me! The person who always cuddles me cutely and cares for me. She always asks me, “Feni-Sha, kyun aaj aap itne chup chup ho?”

Amber who is the best girl-friend I could ask for– Cute and bubbly! Her charm is contagious.

Nikhil and Guru for making sure that I speak my heart out and have fun always.

Aakash-BHAI and Jagat-BHAI who have a gala time cracking PJs on Jainism and Feni-ism!

And last but not the least Satya who always has faith in me and is the best mentor I could get!

Please excuse me for not being able to mention all the names (as there are so many of them!) but I am thankful to everyone who has made my professional life very interesting and entertaining.

Indeed, with colleagues like you, office is no more the boring OFFICE!


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When it comes to the arena of words, Feni is an altruist Copy Writer! Writer by heart and Engineer by education, she always eyes for perfection in her communication and assignments. Never a rule-breaker, always keeps swimming in her thoughts and wants to create her own horizon.

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  1. akash

    Keep it up feni sha, muje tumhara blog “gama”!!

  2. Salehin

    Same pinch for CC review, kalaam vali baai..!! Oohh i mean FENI ? ,

  3. Nirzari

    Haanji Madamji badhiya likha hai aapne to…..