Every day is Father’s Day

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Since the time I used to sleep on his plump belly, till now when I fit into his clothes and shoes – a lot has changed.

Since the time he used to give me a ride on his shoulders, till now when he freaks out every time I give him a ride in the car – a lot has changed.

I have been his look-alike ever since I was born into this beautiful world, and in his warm and wholesome home that he built with hard work, determination, dedication and above all, innumerable heartwrenching sacrifices.

He always brims over with happiness and pride at all my big and small achievements. And I know he sheds more tears than me at my failures, grief and sickness.

He inspires me at every waking moment and teaches me a lot even without trying or intending to do so. I know his pampering has spoilt me, but who’s complaining here?

He has raised me to be a strong, smart and independent woman that I am today. He helped me unfold my wings and take a fearless flight in the infinite sky of possibilities.

I can’t describe in words the humongous influence he has in my life, my own words betray me.
Today is no more special than any other day I spend with him.

Every day is Father’s Day. 🙂


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