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Well!! Everyone knows about Facebook nowadays. Facebook is becoming our niche requirement like ‘ROTI KAPDA OR MAKAAN’! Now you shall wonder why I am saying this, because now most people have an account on Facebook and they regularly check for the updates and what’s going on in the world. Some people are very crazy about it. From a morning selfie to the good night greeting, they update everything. But has anyone ever wondered how Facebook survives?

Here, you will know how Facebook earns & survives. Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform. Facebook is earning revenue from its Ads. So, what is Facebook Ads? Facebook is providing a facility to build your brand and grow your business on the platform of Facebook. Obviously, Facebook does not believe in charity!

Facebook provides basic facilities like, setting up your account; create your business page, and give ideas for more reach. All this is absolutely free of cost! Now, the question is if Facebook provides this kind of facilities for free, then why do we need Facebook ads?

Facebook Ads can help you grow your business by reaching right targeting audience. Facebook has the potential to give results in a very short period of time. As the old saying goes, “High investment, High returns!”

If you wish to create a brand in a short period of time you need to pay Facebook tremendously high. In return, it will reach out to more Facebook users which ultimately mean that it is reaching more people resulting in higher awareness.

Next question is how to pay Facebook? Facebook will charge you for the Ads which you have created on their website. Facebook can provide you the multiple options for the Ads like ‘Brand Awareness’, ‘Lead Generation’, ‘Conversion’, ‘Shopping’ and many more. You can select any Ad set to promote your business and be sure that it MUST be it relevant!

Now the answer of the question is Facebook can take money for running the Ad set on behalf of the brand and reach to the target base audience. From the Facebook ads, Facebook will generate its revenue & it is extremely popular because of its promotional activities for the business.  Facebook Marketing is indeed becoming a major business and it is gradually increasing to promote brand online, compared to traditional marketing. So go on and make your brand popular!!



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