Content creation is easier than ever

There is no such thing as no-content. Nowadays, producing content is easier than baking a pie. You do not need to rush to production studios with expensive budgets. Just a smartphone is enough! With the next generation of mobile apps, content creation has become inexpensive and accessible to all. Another reason why content is everywhere.

Innumerable video-sharing platforms

This era belongs to the audience. They are the creators, they are the publisher. With social media platforms, everyone has power. It takes minutes to make a video viral. All thanks to YouTube and other social platforms. Moreover, youth viewership of these video-sharing platforms is more than a traditional TV in India.

The trick lies in unique ideas

You cannot fool the audience. The algorithm is simple- to make people love your content, and to please them, there is a need of authentic ideas. They crave for something that is completely different. And the place they can find this is – OTT platforms. Content is the game and OTT is the game changer!

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