2017 has been phenomenal! CC has had a wonderful year- awards, internal events, new clients and interesting projects for our clients. The year sure went by with CC conquering numerous milestones. Let us take you through our Happy Throwback. 12 months, 12 stories.
A day that celebrated the spirit of being a CCite
15th April 2017 is a day about which every CCite will have many stories to tell. Our 12th Annual Event was celebrated at EKA Club. The theme of this year is "Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikander" where every CCite strives hard and plays to win! The day was nothing less than a jam-packed fun ride with awards, loud laughter and brilliant performances. Such zeal, much wow!
A film through the eyes of a kid...
CC broke the clutter by envisioning the movie through the eyes of a 4-year-old child and using actual kids’ voice-over for the movie. Wouldn’t you love it if a property’s amenities were described with sketch-board drawings? Watch this video of Gala Celestia, a premium 2 BHK residential apartment
Bringing home metals has become our habit!
And yet again, we proudly bring home two metals from the Foxglove Awards 2017! We bagged the Silver metal for CIMS Cancer Hospital’s film (Brand Integration category) and a Bronze for Saffron Lifestyle’s internal branding. Celebrations at CC have just begun!
Real Namkeen website
The client wanted something extraordinary when it came to Real Namkeen’s website and that is exactly what we delivered. Based on Bollywood theme, we incorporated several fun elements like ‘Spin the Wheel’, a story that revolves around funny characters and shayaris that will make you roll on the floor with laughter, all this with a brilliant brand connect. And you cannot leave the website without drooling over their snacks represented in the most appetizing way.
A date with Ahmedabad
One fine February morning, we made love with the living-walled city of Ahmedabad. Strolling through the heritage streets, we experienced history first hand and fell for our city all over again!
Can you imagine the horror of your hair breaking up with you?
Our social media client Brillare has seen the most innovative concepts executed in the form of videos. From #SelfieWithPet to #WhatsappConversationWithHair and the latest #Webisodes, the account saw more than 50K views on the page.
Guest lectures for creative team
The creative prodigies at CC gained fresh perspective by soliciting knowledge from some of the most successful minds of the advertising industry. Speakers like Mr. Chandan Nath (President 1993-2011, Mudra India), Dr. Subhash Tendle (Prof & Head – Crafting Creative Communications, MICA) and Origami expert Mrs. Dhara Vyas imparted valuable insights that any advertising agency will be fortunate to learn and implement.
The magical wave of Search Engine Optimization
You must have seen AGL’s latest advertisement on TVs, websites and various social media platforms. CC’s SEO Team is responsible for its widespread visibility across all media. The brand is going huge and going national with their Chale De Jadoo campaign, and so are our SEO services.
I’m a foodie and I know it!
“Grill toh akhir grill haina, meethi si mushkil haina!” “Kabhi sushi kabhi plum, na juda hongey hum!” “Aaja Nachole Nachole, mere yaar tu Nachole!” is what you would have heard if you were to be present at the CC Food Fest 2017. To celebrate the foodie inside all of us, we organized a food festival accompanied by feet-thumping music. Mr. Pritesh Shah, owner, Toritos Restaurant was our judge of honor.

The innovation and presentation of the dishes impressed him thoroughly. Italian Dal Batti, Monaco Toppings, Tweet Bites were the star recipes of the day!
Move aside Encyclopedia Britannica!
When Navneet leased Britannica learning (India) Pvt Ltd for 7 years and re-christened it as Indiannica Learning, a new logo was in line. Our designers used a child blowing on a dandelion that spreads its seeds far and wide- a metaphor for the dissemination of knowledge sans boundaries. Take a closer look and you’ll find that every petal of the dandelion is an open book in different shades of purple, implying how the brand serves as the source of expertise on different subjects.
Days at CC
We like to end the year in merriment. Like every year, this time we had a three-day carnival at office. We celebrated Bollywood Day, Fracture Day and Team Theme Day and bid adieu to 2017.
Sand art done right!
The film of IAMICON wasn't just a tribute to the Medicine Man of India, but also a recapitulation of the amazing journey of innovation that Cadila has covered till date. We decided to portray it through- well, sand art. Crafted with utmost detail and a well-planned shoot, the film turned out to be a visual spectacle.
Say hello to us in 2018!
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