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My workplace has two partitions – corporate and casual. The casual part is the Creative Department that includes design, copy and client management teams. They always work without lights on. Second part is Development Department and the team always works in an on light environment. Whenever I see my work space from center I can see the partition through the light ON and light OFF environment.
I wanted to find the reason behind this Light On/Off Environment. So I asked one of my Design Team members – “Why do you always want to work without lights on? I found many reasons behind that light off environment. Creative people are very enthusiastic, moody and carry a playful attitude. Whenever they work they need focus on their work. So much so that they are sometimes lost in their tasks; which requires less light to distract them. In spite of light off the work environment is very noisy. It is the centre of origin of all dirty and cheap jokes. We have a lot of music lovers too. The opposite side always wonder what is the reason behind such fun-loving environment. Well, now they know.
I also talked with the guys of the Development Department – “Why do you prefer working in such a bright environment?” They replied saying that their work involves arithmetic, calculations and a lot of discipline. lways work in mathematics and logic work in a disciplined manner. They develop softwares and websites so they always work in discipline manner. They also don’t talk much, always focus on their computer screen only with silent environment. They don’t like to listen the music while working.
Any person who comes to my work space will be able to clearly differentiate between the two parts.
It is all about the habit that we create surrounding to our work place. Development Department never want to work without light. They feel that they would not be able to give their best work. Same goes for the Creative Department too. In my entire career, I have never seen this kind of work place.
With this, I will conclude that if you feel that the music can help you to give your best, then listen to music. Or if you think pin drop silence is the best way to work, then so be it. It doesn’t matter how you work, it is the quality of work that matters. And I am so glad CC allows all the employees to work the way they like, without enforcing anything.
The mystery of light ON and light OFF environment is thus solved!


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