The Challenge

Paese wanted to create a buzz around the launch of its new lipstick range, the Silky Matt Lipstick Range. They asked us to design its online and offline marketing strategies focusing on the introduction of the product in a way that will convince the discerning fashion community to get excited about it.

The Innovation

Effective Ideation and ExecutionThe team not only gave creative inputs in terms of the ideation of the event but all the team members were on their toes with set-up help and execution. The idea was to glamorize the event in such a way that the brand is not lost behind the sparkle of the Brand Ambassador.Organized an influencer’s meetA carefully curated group of top social media influencers was invited to the launch. They interacted with the brand ambassador and were made to promote the product on their pages in a manner favourable to the brand.


Designed newspaper ads and hoardingsDesigned the event décor – 3Ds, PhotoboothInstore visualsBranding display on the counterRan social media contestsOrganized influencer’s meet