Frylo Foods


The Challenge

A playful brand required a playful website. And a playful website needed a lot of playful functionalities. For Frylo, their website needed to reflect the brochure and be different in its own way.

The Innovation

  • Every section was incorporated with a parallax so that it could give out a more playful feel. The details of every product were shown with beautiful designs.
  • Ingredients were given a floating placement all through the webpage and a mouse enabled interactivity.
  • Banners reflect each of the different TG the brand wished to cater to; and how the product forms an integral part of their daily lives.


Custom JavaScript and smart product placement made it visually appealing. The colour and look of the website resembled that of the product packaging. The main ingredient was highlighted and animated with the parallax which gave out a playful yet elegant feel.
Have a look: