The Challenge

Gala Marvella has everything a person is looking for in a luxurious property – amenities, spacious rooms, great location, and competitive rates. But why should a home buyer choose Gala Marvella as their home when they have other options as well? We had to answer this question in 30 seconds of audio and visual.

The Innovation

Instead of turning the film into a sales pitch, we showed the project from a home buyer’s perspective. Whenever a prospective customer visits a project, they envision the spaces as per the kind of life they aspire. Be it a luxurious bedroom or a cosy little corner in the home, you never know what might seal the deal for you. Through this film, we let people imagine their lives at Gala Marvella, thereby giving the project a personal touch for every individual.


The film is based on beautiful renders, which were made on the guidelines of our designers and the film team. Our team coordinated with the 3D team to make sure every frame was exactly how we wanted them to be. We also added whiteboard animation, only this time, we did it on actual images and not a whiteboard. The addition of beautiful, realistic sound effects helped the viewers to get lost in the imaginary world they built in Gala Marvella.

The Outcome

Insert Gala Marvella film