The Challenge

  1. When the project was offered to CC, the property was under development and there were no actual photographs. All we had were 3D renders. We were needed to do come up with a visually delightful concept that would do justice to a project of scale and grandeur unparalleled in the entire state.
  2. For this film, we had a very niche & elite target audience. We were talking to people who would pay premium for well-planned spaces to spend solitude, classy landscapes, wide open spaces with uninterrupted horizons and addicts of golf. We were talking to the select few patrons of solitude.
  3. This was meant to be a theatre release- our audience had a very short attention span.

The Innovation

  1. Glade One’s film was a story narrated through sounds.
  2. In every shot, there was one element of the 3D photographs that was animated.
  3. Not a single line talked about the square footage or any of the mundane details of a typical real estate ad. We talked about the experience at Glade One.
  4. The logo was animated with a violin interlude.
  5. Before the visuals, we presented the custom created soundtrack to the client, after which the visuals were added.
  6. A colour tone that matched the elegance made it easier to communicate with the TG.

The Outcome

The discerning few were our targets and the film reached out to all of them. The sounds did the whole magic and added to the ‘experience’ factor. It touched a chord with people and earned a place in the aspirations of every Amdavadi.
People tend to pay less attention to advertisements during movies. This film however intrigued audiences and became a talking point for the whole city.