Heatwave shoes

The Challenge

Soon after its launch, YObykes became a rage among school students. It almost became an alternative to riding a bicycle. The popularity of the brand made it reach 1,00,000 customers very soon. But then came a period when other competitors took over the market. And hence the brand approached us to help them regain the popularity and brand value.

The Innovation

To begin with, we did their customer profiling and made a strategy which ensured that everything posted on their social media needs to be targeted to – housewives, students and elders. This was a huge step as we were moving away from their communication that used to be focused around its features.
We started with the most popular medium on social media – Facebook and began posting vibrant, humorous, informative content that is relevant to their TG. To increase the engagement quotient of the page and to make it interactive, we ran interesting contests on the page during World Environment Day, Diwali, and so on. GIFs, short videos and slideshows were posted on a regular basis to maintain the awesomeness of the page. We also took the social media wagon forward on Instagram. Soon people started following the brand and started loving all the posts.
Later, we also designed their website that reflects what the brand stands for in the recent times.