IMS One World

Branding, Corporate Film, Web Development

The Challenge

IMS One World came into existence when IMS (an off shore recruitment service giant) thought of branching out their Global Recruitment Services (GRS). They wanted to brand the new company, which is their sister concern, in a way that is acceptable to a geographically diverse audience.

The Innovation

Since they are a company targeted towards global clients and one which erases boundaries with their recruitment services, we came up with a name that reflects the same. We gave their website an international look and feel. We made sure that every page designed has strong brand guideline presence with their characteristic typography style. The first video is based on the concept of circles. It lays the foundation for the second video, which is the corporate film of IMS One World. The Corporate film is more descriptive and describes their process and work information with the help of info graphic and animated graphics.

The IMS logo consists of many circles. It has the world map made from circles. A circle symbolizes the origin, the beginning of IMS itself. A circle symbolizes a world without boundaries, with numerous communities and limitless possibilities. The name, logo, website, stationery and the videos, all of them reflect the brand’s identity.