The Challenge

To create a website as classy, luxurious and lavish as the property that Iora is! Iora is a new landmark residential project coming up in the most premium location of Mumbai, and the website needed to reflect the same level of grandeur to attract the right audience.

The Innovation

From highlighting Iora in its posh locality to using full size images while not holding back on showing the largesse of the property, we turned Iora’s website into a display of its extravagance.

  1. We included a new section ‘The View’ which gives a view of Mumbai’s skyline from various floors of the building.
  2. There is a map functionality that fetches all the nearby utilities like schools, parks, hospitals and ATMs within desired radii of Iora
  3. The site has a facility to display latest construction photos to keep investors updated of the work progress.


The client didn’t want to compromise on showing the heights Iora reached, and neither did we. Hence, in ‘The Tower’ page, we used a full size image of the tower, turning it into a two scroll display which began with showing the top of the tower.

The Outcome