Portfolio, Web Development

Navneet has humongous brand value and nostalgia attached to it.

The Challenge

The challenge was to create a website that does justice to its legacy. Since the company is moving into its next phase of merging education with technology, the website had to reflect the company’s growth and had to be revamped accordingly. All the areas that the company has forayed into had to be mentioned on the site without making it look cluttered and untidy.

The Innovation

  • Smart design approach
    The website is a great example of a well-thought-out content heavy website. Although, at first sight, a homepage looks simple, the site hosts a wealth of information that is broken up into easily-digested sections. The strategic grid layout makes the website easy to navigate.
  • Vibrant colour palette
    The imagery used is children friendly and colourful.


  • Using the right elements and combination of colours, we made sure nothing was too overbearing.
  • Website maintenance happens regularly. It is updated at regular intervals making relevant changes in the content.
  • The website has minimum menus but has more than 50 landing pages.
  • The site is linked with its product sites.