Nutrabox Film


The Challenge

In order to produce a video that goes “viral” is certainly a challenge in itself and more so for a fitness supplement brand with a very specific and narrow target spectrum.
Our TG was:

  • Fitness enthusiasts that are neither beginners, nor certified athletes, but somewhere in between both the categories
  • Had already tried other brands- found international ones expensive and local ones low in quality
  • Are inspired by professional athletes and models
  • Have body and fitness goals for themselves

The approach needed to be loud & powerful to stand out from the dire competition that exists in the fitness supplements category. And the concept had to be broad enough to be seamlessly adapted to a digital campaign as well.

The Concept

An adrenaline-fueled journey of 3-4 fitness enthusiasts who gave everything they had, to become what they are today. There were fast paced visuals of the athletes involved in rigorous workouts, setting impossible targets for themselves, trying, failing, and getting up again.

Fast cut shots, intense camera movements, high pitch music and energetic narration are what justified the ‘Junoon’ that we wanted to show in the visuals.

The Innovation

  • Fast-paced visuals
  • A seemingly rude monologue that inspires you
  • Intriguing, uplifted music
  • Real life athletes, real stories
  • 3 different segments of fitness to depict that NutraBox is for everyone
  • A cinematic showcase of strength, stamina & agility
  • Subtle, disturbing product placement


Rugged, unfinished locations, real life athletes and adrenaline driven shots, NutraBox’s video turned out to be better than everyone’s expectations. The subtle placement of the product and association of lines with the regime of fitness made it impactful.

The Extension

The concept was further extended on Social Media wherein we asked our audience to share their fitness Junoon. With more than 500K views and even more engagements, the video inspired many TV stars, models and national theletes to share their fitness goals and workout videos with us. The #WhatsYourJunoon became a trending hashtag.