Photo Orange

Social Media, video

The Challenge

To communicate to a niche community of wedding photographers in a way they like and respond to. It is a community that doesn’t read formal emails and hence we created a Facebook page and curated content that they would like.

Photo Orange is a long-standing client for whom we work on multiple platforms. They make designer Photo Books (Wedding Albums) and provide various other services to the wedding photographers’ community.

The Innovation

We support their brand through both technological expertise and creative inputs. We, have created multiple websites for them, manage their Facebook page, have created a CRM and its communication strategy, have developed their mobile app, written informative blogs and mailers for them on a regular basis among other services.

Two major innovations that we did for the client include –

  • Orange Flash Awards – An intellectual property created for the brand that aims at giving back the love to the community. The awards recognized and felicitated wedding photographers for their immense contribution to the industry.
  • A video titled “Tribute to the Wedding Photographers’ Community” – Unlike fashion photographers or wildlife photographers, wedding photographers don’t get the fame they deserve and hence this video was an initiative of sorts to express deep felt gratitude to them. It showcases the hard work put in by wedding photographers and their work life, and beautifully thanks them for their contribution in capturing our special memories for us.