Real Bakers


Real Bakers is a bakery and food outlet chain in Anand and Nadiad with a range of innovative products reaching out to tempt your taste buds.

The Challenge

Aince ATL doesn’t forma a large part of their marketing mix, the real challenge for us with the Real Baker’s social media page was to keep its relevance and visual appeal at par with the aesthetic of all the European-American bakery pages which are so easily accessible to today’s youth on social media.

The Innovation

  • Creating attractive little videos
    Videos can be leveraged to take your brand’s social media to a new level. And when they feature cakes, pastries and confectioneries, they tempt viewers like nothing else can!
  • Creating unique visuals
    At regular time intervals, a small team from CC visits the Real Bakers’ factory for a photoshoot which results in a rich bank of deliciously appealing behind the scene visuals.
  • Real ke fundamentals: Pop Art
    Introduced a new section on its social media page, wherein we create quirky yet relatable food analogies. The language used was a combination of Hindi and English.
  • Quirky contests to promote seasonal products
    Organized season specific, creative, on-ground contests to generate maximum engagement from customers.


  • Redesigned the colour palette of the page
  • Introduced a new design scheme
  • Promoted the brand’s online shop
  • Promoted doorstep delivery in a unique way
  • Brought the brand’s Tea snacks to the forefront of the marketing campaign
  • Ran engaging online contests around festivals
  • Executed interactive activations