Satvam Masala is a pioneer of premium ground spices and instant foods all over India and overseas as well. Satvam was the pioneer of cryogenic grinding technology in India.

The Challenge

Satvam markets its range of RTE Instant Mixes during the festive season- Shraavan, Diwali, Ramzan etc. ‘Instant foods’ is a very competitive market and selling the product uniquely matters the most as there is very less differentiation among competitors. The message had to be different instead of harping on taste claims and also personalised for the modern day homemaker.

The Innovation

The idea of the campaign was to dive deep into the psyche of the homemaker. We asked ourselves these questions- when & why do you buy an instant mix and why would you choose it over ready-made food? The answer to the when is- unexpected/ number of guests and the answer to why is- to add a personalised touch to food prepared by her. The instant mix just acts as an inspiration for her baby-steps towards impressing the family with the food she cooks and in turn getting the appreciation she deserves.


This was a copy driven campaign and we managed to communicate the message- “Even if you’re short on time or preparation, you’ll never fall short of appreciation”. Your personal touch and the joy of cooking in your kitchen will always be irreplaceable.


This campaign was extended through the medium of radio. This radio ad revolved around a newly -wed homemaker getting praises from her in-laws, indicating that even if you use Satvam Instant Mixes for preparing the food, the praises belong to you.