Shanti Food


Shanti Foods is a cereal manufacturing company offering a wide range of premium quality breakfast cereals like Corn Flakes, White Oats, Choco Flakes and Muesli.

The Challenge

The challenge was to promote the products in such a way that convinces it TG to switch to cereal based breakfast and give up on unhealthy breakfast habits.

The Innovation

  • Nutrition Section
    Introducing an informative section which highlights the nutritional values of cereals and addresses the deficiencies and diseases that different cereals help fight.
  • Sharing recipes
    Introducing a fun section which revolves around creating and sharing unique recipes with Shanti’s cereals as the central ingredient.
  • Mascots
    Personified the brand mascots to make the content attractive to the TG and increase engagement.
  • Breakfast Brainiac’s for kids
    Ran weekly contests involving fun, informative exercises and gave out breakfast hampers to the winners.


  • Changed the design and layout of the page
  • Redesigned the colour scheme
  • Creative festival wishing posts that are centered around the brand message
  • Ran uniquely conceptualized contests around festivals
  • Created a shop section on the page where the user can buy the product in just 3 simple steps