Vasant Masala


Vasant Masala is a stalwart in the arena of spices and sells a variety of pure, exotic kitchen spices and blends. Since the product is present in the markets of only three states, Vasant intended to create a strong social media presence to cash in on online sales.

The Challenge

The challenge was to tap into the niche TG of homemakers who decide the brand of the masala that will enter their kitchen.
The company is currently looking for a pan India expansion, so the page content had to be engaging enough for its TG to not only recognize it among its well-established competitors but also try it.

The Innovation

  • Mirchi Lagni Chahiye
    Introduced a creative section on the page which addresses socially relevant issues by giving out a strong social message in a witty way.
  • Vyanjan Hindustan Ke
    Increased engagement on the page with interactive contests revolving around the rich and diverse traditional cuisines of different states of the country.
  • Hindustani Maa
    Introduced a fun section that paid a tribute to Indian mothers by highlighting her quirks in a humorous way.


  • 3 languages’ posting as per content relevance and targeting; including vernacular Gujarati and Hindi.
  • Redesigned the colour palette of the page
  • Constant shop section updates to boost online sales
  • Introduced a new section of product recipes – Vasant ki rasoi
  • Detailed targeting by creating different sets of audience for Page like, Post boost and Post base audience.