Saffron Diary

· Case Study

The Challenge

How long did the free diary with the company’s logo you got on your first day, really last? And how creative can a simple notepad be? Well, our long standing client Saffron Lifestyle believes creativity is boundless (after all, they’re in fashion!) and hence commissioned us to create a fashionable, chic, ducational, and LONG LASTING, easy-to-use diary cum notepad for their team.

The Innovation

Unlike the traditional approach of giving a designer cover page, and an empty diary, the cover page of this masterpiece turned out to be the last and the easiest thing we worked for. The idea was to give the Saffronites a taste of Paris and the haute couture industry as they unfurl the pages sitting in Ahmedabad. We inserted an interest page after an interval of 30 blank notepads talking about Chanel No. 5; Marilyn Monroe’s sassy quotes; Vogue magazine iconic covers; origin of denims and a whole lot of glitz and glamor. The CEO was thoughtful enough to ask us to insert some games and intellectual puzzles so that when his employees carry this diary on their offshore travels, they can employ their time creatively during boring conferences and never-ending flights!!! We also custom created fashion crosswords, match logos and tiny puzzles with answers written upside down, to add that element of playfulness that so endeared the comic books of our childhood!

The Outcome

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