The guide to an Introvert’s heart

By October 23, 2017January 4th, 2021Blog

The next time you want to ask an introvert
About why they don’t talk much,
Please understand that there’s
A monologue running in our mind,
Of a perspective that you can’t find.
The next time you click your fingers
In front of an introvert’s eyes,
Please accept that we have a world of our own,
A world of characters that we built
While pretending to stare at our phone.
The next time you want to invite an introvert
For a gathering with more than one person
Please acknowledge that we are awkward
Because we are afraid that our story
Might have more than one version.
The next time you question an introvert
About why they are glued to a book
Nestled in the quietest corner,
Don’t assume that we choose solitude,
Because we are much more than a mourner.
The next time you force an introvert
To come for a party for indulgence
Please know that we have silent conversations
With animals which are our kind of divulgence.
The next time you spot an introvert
Lost in thought all by themselves,
For a change, notice how we observe
Things, people and secrets buried behind shelves.
The next time you date an introvert,
Take us to museums and planetariums,
To places that are yet to be discovered
Even though there’s a fat chance,
We already had it uncovered.
But most importantly,
The next time you try to make a conversation
With an introvert,
Give us time, as you wait at the outstation,
Because when we let someone in,
We let them get through our skin.

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