Toritos Brand Architecture

· Case Study

The Challenge

Toritos, a new restaurant specializing in global cuisines was opening up in the city. The client wanted to shape his restaurant’s branding, right from its inception, in such a way that it breaks through the clutter of a zillion restaurants in food loving Ahmedabad. The message to be given out was pretty straight forward, but multi layered- ‘we offer authentic world cuisines’, ‘we are one of a kind in the city’, ‘so come dine at our restaurant’.

The Innovation

We shifted the brand focus from food to experiences. While refraining from stating the obvious, we centered brand Toritos around experiences and culture stories of the cuisines served there. We showed the diner the holistic experience that Toritos gives him, ALONG WITH the exotic culinary journey he embarks upon. Concept: Here’s time for an hour-long vacation… Life can wait! At Toritos, time doesn’t fly away; it unwinds into happiness and laughter with your loved ones. If you have an appetite for the exotic – Welcome to Toritos!

The Outcome

Today, in less than a year since it started, Toritos is known throughout the city as a very fine and unique restaurant. It is frequented by the elite of the city and is the first choice of food lovers in search of a culinary adventure. The reviews and responses we still keep getting are completely overwhelming! Climax: The Holi campaign at Toritos was a flamboyant success! Not only did people enthusiastically participate in our social media ‘Memorable Moments’ contest, but the on-ground activities right at the restaurant surprised the diners and left a smile on their faces! It’s cute when you get something extra, isn’t it? And it’s even better when all your facebook friends get to know about it!

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