December 2020 Edition
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CC Times
Paving our way through the pandemic!
A year that was uncertain.
A team that was unstoppable!
A Lookback at How We
Started the Year
With a team trip to Vananchal Resort. A much-needed get-together for every-
one at CC! An unforgettable experience that was adventurous, surprisingly luxurious and undoubtedly marvelous.
The Leaders at CC Took Hold of the Situation
Every leader at CC is a problem-solver first. A person who looks for solutions instead of whining about the inconveniences. And in no time, every leader came up with a plan to manage their teams while we took our first step towards working from home! We did that with no lag time.
Work from Home!
Very new to us, but completely unavoidable at that point of time. We were
missing the vibe at our office. But when it came to work, we stayed stable in
delivering excellence for our existing clients as well as onboarding new ones.
We did face some glitches, but hey, that just gives us creative brains more
reasons to outperform!
A Huge Shoutout Goes to………
To the IT Team for working round the clock to make our WFH glitch-free.
To the Leaders at CC for being cool, confident and clever while handling
the whole situation.
To the clients who kept their faith in us and never backed down even
during a pandemic.
To every CCite who made WFH a highly successful way of working.
To the Directors for keeping their faith in the team and always thinking ahead.
The pandemic tried, but we tried harder.
No points for guessing who emerged victorious!
As we wrap up an unforgettable 2020, here’s hoping
for a better year for us, you, and the world!
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