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The 2024 YouTube Encyclopaedia: 14 Statistics You Need to Know!!

By May 28, 2024Blog

the 2024 youtube encyclopaedia 14 statistics you need to know!!

The multitude of registered users, the availability of diverse content, and the reach that YouTube has make it an undisputed leader in the digital landscape. The platform offers everything from educational videos to gaming content, music videos to sport viewership. And with over two-billion monthly users across the globe, you really can’t find anywhere not touched by its power.

Therefore, whether you are a business owner in search of better ways of reaching the audience, or simply a person interested in how people consume content today, buckle up, because the statistics do not lie.

What makes YouTube unique? To answer this question, we need to explore stats and facts about the platform that will open many marketing avenues and blow your mind.

1. World’s Largest Video Sharing Platform

YouTube is the world’s most popular video sharing website. It has more than 2.70 billion users as of 2024, and it is increasing day by day. Furthermore, it is estimated that the global YouTube user base will reach 2.85B by 2025. Thus, a huge opportunity to blend your brand with customers’ lifestyles is waiting to be grabbed. Consequently, customer-centric marketing will continue to be the game changer in video marketing.

india dominates youtube viewership!


2. Second Most Popular Social Media App

Facebook has recorded approximately 3 billion users to date, logging on monthly. Next comes YouTube with an audience of approximately 2.5 billion! It’s massive. Thus, smart brands are tapping into an enormous existing and potential customer base, allowing them to increase brand awareness and visibility.

india dominates youtube viewership!


3. India Dominates YouTube Viewership!

If we dive into the figures of the video-sharing platform as of January 2024, India tops the leaderboard with 462 million subscribed users, more than any other country.  Thanks to YouTube advertising, brands can make sure that their ads will be seen by their target audience, corresponding to their interests and regular online activities. These fine-grained targeting capabilities assist in getting the best out of the advertising budgets to enhance marketing efficiency.

india dominates youtube viewership!

4. Male Viewers Lead on YouTube

At the start of January 2024, male YouTube viewers rose past females by a small difference. More precisely, 54.4% of users were men, whereas 45.6% were women. Brands can create gender-specific marketing campaigns that resonate with male and female viewers, maximizing the impact of their ads.

male viewers lead on youtube

5. YouTube Demographics: Age

The largest percentage of engaged YouTube users is among the 25-34 age group, which is 21.3%. The pattern which is consistent among all the age-groups: male users’ percentage is more than the female users. By aligning marketing strategies with the preferences of this age group, brands can enhance engagement and drive conversions effectively on the platform.

youtube demographics age

6. YouTube’s Revenue

In 2023, YouTube’s Revenue stood at a huge amount of $31.5 billion. Even better news for creators: they, indeed, own this billion-dollar cake! YouTube shares about half of all money earned with creators. Thus, this revenue sharing model benefits brands by incentivizing creators to produce high-quality content, fostering a thriving creator ecosystem, aligning YouTube’s interests with creators and brands, and providing transparency and predictability in the revenue distribution process.

7. Daily Watch Time

YouTube viewership has increased over the years. Viewers spend 46 minutes a day engaging with video platforms in 2024, according to sources, up from 39.7 minutes in 2019. The result is an increase in YouTube users by 5.2% every year. Increasing viewership provides brands with an opportunity to reach a larger audience, create more effective content, gain a competitive advantage, and measure the success of their marketing efforts on the platform.

daily watch time

8. 1 billion Hours a Day – The Power of YouTube

The fact that YouTube users watch up to 5 billion videos each day is beyond imagination, with the site posting a staggering 1 billion hours (about 110,000 years) of content consumed daily. The more engaging, entertaining and useful your video content is, the longer will be the viewership duration.

daily watch time

9. Video Reviews Rule: 80% of Shoppers Use YouTube

YouTube has become one of the favourite shopping assistants! Over 80% of customers have already chosen to watch YouTube videos for reviews before completing a purchase. This isn’t a mere fad. It emphasizes the platform’s critical role in influencing purchasing decisions, building trust and credibility, and showcasing products in a more engaging and detailed manner. This further establishes YouTube as an essential channel for brands to invest in their marketing strategies.

10. Gateway to New Products

As many as 90% people all over the world admit they discovered brands or products on YouTube for the first time, demonstrating its exceptional power to shape consumer behaviour. This statistic illustrates how video promotions attract attention, engage audiences, and recognize brands. In this way, YouTube is an integral part of the customer journey: from discovery to inspiration to shopping.

11. YouTube Shorts Takes Off: 2 Billion Users Strong!

YouTube Shorts are taking over. Interestingly, Google has released a number indicating that the platform is currently processing more than 2 billion monthly users signing in so it can stay in the lead in the race to gain ground in short-format video. This is against big brands like TikTok and Instagram Reels. It underscores how video content gets shorter as its popularity grows. Thus, it becomes essential for brands to incorporate short-format video content into their marketing strategies to effectively reach and connect with their target audience on YouTube.


12. Shorts Soaring: 70 Billion Views Daily

The point is, people aren’t just watching YouTube short videos, they’re staying tuned, coming back for more, watching shorts over and over. The engagement extends beyond numbers: Shorts merits 70 billion daily glances, revealing a lot about how the platform caters to video content today. It therefore dominates the short-format video market which can enhance brand exposure, audience retention, and loyalty.


13. YouTube Steals the Show: 8.7% of TV Time

As per the report by Nielsen, 8.7% of total TV usage has been captured by YouTube which has become an ultimate player in the television field. Sporadically, this wording would add up to those rival streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video, of which it also indicates a wave of change in how people watch such video contents. YouTube seems to be more than a place for short videos and music. The trend is about long-format content, which can raise viewership above traditional cable and broadcast television ratings.

youtube steals the show 8.7 percent of tv time

14. YouTube Booms with Kids: 80% of Parents Allow Watching

8 out of 10 parents with children under 11 are confident that it is fair game for their kids to watch YouTube. This demonstrates the channel’s growing popularity among young minds. This has led to the production of a large portion of child-appropriate content, providing brands with opportunities to reach a young, engaged audience, collaborate with child-friendly channels, and build long-term brand loyalty through their marketing efforts on the platform.

youtube booms with kids 80 percent of parents allow watching


These numbers provide crucial insight into user behaviour, evolving forms, and changing dynamics. These graphics tell a story – one of unremitting growth, developing emotions and limitless prospects that seem to be advancing at incredible speed. The journey from simply watching funny cat videos to the customization of video content with strong marketing trends and insights. Consumers, creators, and advertisers can construct and reform digital content through their influence, and this is a great time for brands and marketers to reap benefits out of a strong video marketing strategy. 

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