Digital Marketing Agency


What you seek is seeking you! That’s right! Your clients are also looking for you on Google, the world’s most used search engines in the world. Be found and appear in the most searched results, CC will help you dominate those search results.
With our carefully planned SEO strategies, be found and get your website on higher ranks.


  • Kept as it is Dominate the search by customised SEO strategies (both on and off the page) and improve your website traffic
  • Powerful link building campaigns
  • Keyword-rich and engaging copy; blogs; articles for on-page and off-page activities
  • Weekly and monthly reporting of campaigns


  • Optimal SEO strategies for all product categories and landing pages
  • Dynamic on-page meta descriptions for all products
  • Effective digital marketing services, that include building deep inbound links
  • Tracking key performance indicators
  • Reviewing strategy with you every month
  • Coordination with your web developer
  • Pro-active reporting in a timely manner
  • Product page content optimization
  • E-commerce tracking integrated with traffic monitoring tools


  • Pay Per Click allows your business to be quickly noticed on the search engine results page
  • We at Communication Crafts, help maximise your website’s potential search traffic with a perfectly tailored PPC campaign
  • We manage your campaign effectively and help attain maximum return on investment
  • Our well-executed PPC campaigns can increase your online branding, lead generation and sales conversions


  • Keyword analysis and selection
  • Creating text ads
  • Optimizing landing pages
  • Bid management
  • Tracking conversions
  • Ad submissions
  • Stringent monitoring and reporting


  • Email marketing is here to stay! It was recently reported that the median ROI delivered by e-mail marketing was 122%, four times higher than other digital marketing channels (Source: Data Marketing Association and Demand Metric Survey)
  • We can help you draft engaging content complemented with a wonderful creative design
  • Our HTML coding supports responsive designs which ensures that your email doesn’t land into the clients spam folder
  • We provide end to end solutions, ranging from conceptualization to accurate reporting

Essentials for successful email marketing:

  • Quality of email database
  • Accurate segmentation and targeting
  • Using behavioural triggers
  • Personalized message, content & call to action
  • Time and day of the week
  • Effective testing and optimization
  • Effective monitoring of post campaign report


  • Communication Crafts has expertise in strategizing and executing digital campaigns for brands, new product launches, canvassing for elections, etc.
  • We have a kickass in-house team for corporate films, infographics, stop motion, animation who can transform your concept into a beautiful film
  • We work with brands to bifurcate their media spends over relevant social media channels.
  • Our campaigns ensure presence over every major TG capture point and a nationwide reach for your brand.


  • Our team of social marketers will be on your campaign 24 x 7, ensuring that you become phenomena in the digital world.
  • We provide detailed web analytics so that you can keep track of your visitors, their online behavior, traffic channels and modify your digital marketing strategy accordingly.
  • We offer services that range from design to development under one roof so you don’t have to go anywhere else!
  • We offer effective SEO, SEM as well as Online Reputation Management services, should your brand need it.
  • All our online marketing services are in sync with each other so that the visual and strategic continuity is maintained.

Afaqs Foxglove Awards 2017:

  • Silver award in the category “Brand Integration” in long format (Client- CIMS Hospital)
  • Bronze award in the category “Internal Branding Posters” (Client- Saffron Lifestyle)

Afaqs Foxglove Awards 2016:

  • Gold award in the category “Web Banner Rich Media” (Client – Infinium Solutionz)
  • Digital Category Silver award in the category “Posters” (Client – IMS)
  • Print Category Bronze award in the category “Print Ad” (Client – Sitting Culture)
  • Print Category Bronze award in the category “Merchandise Design” (Client – Saffron Lifestyle)

Project 82 2013

  • Best Merchandise Award (Client- Integrity Jeans)

Digital Marketing Services

In a world that’s changing rapidly, we have managed to stay with the trends of marketing and advertising by constantly evolving ourselves as an agency. Being the pioneer of Digital Marketing Services in Gujarat, we have endured every aspect by experimenting with ideas that have led to the growth of our clients’ market presence.

Strategized services of Search Engine Optimization improve your ranking and appearance on Google and helps your client find you effortlessly. Perfectly planned Pay Per Click campaigns conducted by us have got business enhancing results for our clients through increasing number of lead generations.

Being the Digital Marketing experts, we know how to reach the right audience for your brand. Our Email Marketing Services target the right people and grabs their attention with our creative and conceptualized content by pulling the trigger of call to action.

An in-house team of Designers, Graphic Artists and Copywriters brings unique ideas to life by conducting digital media campaigns that gets a nation-wide reach and acknowledgement.

If you are looking on getting your brand on board with the latest trends and tactics of marketing, we are the Digital Marketing Consultant team right next door!