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The Digital Marketing Agency of the Year

Communication Crafts has worked with numerous brands to set up and transform their digital marketing efforts and help them
make confident strides towards achieving targeted communication, stronger recall, and better ROI.
We’re the only fully integrated digital marketing agency in Ahmedabad, offering Search Marketing (Search Engine
Optimization and Pay Per Click), Lead Generation (Google AdWords, Facebook & Instagram) Social Media Marketing (SMM) and
Email Marketing services, all under one roof.

Communication Crafts is recently recognized as the Digital Marketing Agency of the Year by the Times Group.

360° Digital Marketing

Online Sales, Lead Generation, or Conversion Optimization, whatever your objective, our team will develop a comprehensive digital strategy and deftly execute it.

Balancing the investment of time and money against the ROI is the key to building a smart digital strategy.We’re the digital marketing agency in Ahmedabad that have helped numerous brands choose optimal marketing channels and adjust their focus on them to achieve their digital objectives with ease. .

Social Media Marketing

Building an engaged community of brand loyalists and ambassadors

Search Engine Optimization

Helping you mine the cheapest source of quality conversions

Lead Generation

Helping you meet your sales goals by generating high-quality leads

Email Marketing

Sending out curated content to a targetted audience resulting in conversion

Symbols of Trust & Expertise

Being accredited as a Google Partner Agency proves our experience and expertise in Google Ad Campaigns and PPC Services. We’re a digital marketing agency in Ahmedabad with the stamp of approval from Google.

A certified Facebook Business Partner Agency, fuelling your business growth with our time-tested Facebook paid promotions. We’re a social media marketing agency with the stamp of trust from Facebook.

Social Media Marketing

Our social media marketing goes way beyond designing pretty posts. As a leading Social Media Marketing Agency, Our SMM services include auto-pilot Social Media management, response management, social contests, influencer marketing, on-ground social activations, and lead generation activities.

The content marketing proficiency, the design capabilities, the video production skills, all our creative abilities converge in this one service to get your brand the digital love it seeks. No wonder, our social media marketing team generates over 2.5 million likes, 70000+ comments, and 50000+ shares every month.




Lead Generation

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Hands down the cheapest and more importantly, the smartest way of generating conversion and brand visibility is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). An efficient SEO company can boost your website traffic phenomenally, and If you’ve laid the pieces of your SEO strategy puzzle correctly, buckle up to enjoy the fruits of your success for a long time to come.

However, it won’t be wise to expect instant results. White hat SEO takes time to show results, but it’s well worth the wait.

Lead Generation by
Pay-per-click (PPC)

When your sales team needs to build a large pool of leads in a short time- when you want to drive targeted traffic to your product page- when you want to get the word out about your newly launched product quickly- PPC campaigns can do the trick.

As a leading digital marketing agency in Ahmedabad, we’ve been continuously delivering excellent ROI to our clients through careful keyword selection, smart ad placement, and actionable ad copy .
We’re a certified Google Partner agency delivering time-tested and result-oriented PPC services for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

PR Management

Maintaining a reliable and positive image is unequivocally the most important trait of a brand, and it is something that can be easily achieved through smart PR management and by using PR in marketing.

With increased credibility and reach, PR can unlock doors that automatically cultivates brand loyalty and a consistent brand community.

From reputation management to public affairs, we are a PR management agency that builds long-lasting and impactful brands.

Marketplace Management

Life without eCommerce is unimaginable in this digital era, consumers are getting more and more comfortable with online shopping, finding it much more convenient than physical stores.

That’s where marketplace management services come into play!

We provide marketplace management services that can boost your brand’s reach, elevate brand visibility and get the desired sales through globally recognized and leading eCommerce platforms like Amazon.

With carefully crafted Amazon advertising and promotion, our Amazon marketing services can help your brand reach the global market and tap into an ocean of potential customers.

From account creation to Amazon advertising and selling, our Amazon marketing services will take care of it all.

CC's journey as the finest digital agency of Gujarat is studded with many accolades.

  • Awarded as the Digital Marketing Agency of the Year, 2019 by the Times Group
  • 2 AFAQS Foxglove Awards in 2017 in Digital Film & Internal Branding categories
  • 4 AFAQS Foxglove Awards in 2016 in Digital & Branding categories
  • Published the 2nd consecutive volume of the acclaimed ‘Indian OTT Platforms Report -2019’ in partnership with MICA & ComScore
  • Published ‘The Magic book of Indian Ecommerce’, a 300-page research mapping the growth and opportunities in the industry

Campaign case studies

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the biggest brands

Full-service digital marketing company

The world of advertising is at a threshold of contemporary market solutions. There is a clear shift in the strategy and manner in which brands are marking their presence. Today, digital marketing solutions stand foremost in reaching out to targeted and discreet audiences befitting to the offered products. Communication Crafts, an all-inclusive digital marketing agency in Ahmedabad, provide precise digital marketing services strategized for current market requirements and set futuristic bespoke marketing goals. Our teams of experts have mastered the art of creating new age solutions which replace the dead, traditional, pushing-the-sales tactics. We weave personalized strategies, while addressing and highlighting business specific goals.

Being an established Digital Marketing Company in Rajkot, over these years, we have created tailor-made strategies for all our clients’ business projects. Our teams work round the clock and have satisfactorily met all our client’s business requirements, which has not only increased their audience reach but even has significantly boosted their business sales!

Along with being a leading Digital Marketing Company in Vadodara, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us and we strive to live by it! To make things easier for you, hiring resources full-time or part-time is up to you. Regardless of your choice, we live up to our promise and deliver the best results that will increase your customer reach and drive your business towards the road to success.

17+ years of experience as a top-tier digital marketing agency in Ahmedabad, we have delivered digital marketing services to various brands, helping them bring their dream projects online. Our team of experts are known for generating significant leads, executing comprehensive strategies, customizing and curating content for your esteemed clientele.

Our social media specialists create the trendiest, most avant-garde content, constantly increasing your social media engagement. As a trusted SEO company in Ahmedabad, We handle all your digital marketing needs, whether it is Search Engine Optimization, Lead Generation or Social Media Marketing; we are the missing piece of your puzzle, your next-door savior and Ahmedabad’s favorite Digital Marketing Agency in Ahmedabad.

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