Your brand needs a seasoned agency that provides video marketing services.

Videos rule the world. Well, if not the whole world, at least the world of marketing. The greatest brands of India, and really the world are built on video marketing. You can scale up your brand faster, improve brand recall manifold and radically enhance marketing ROI by smartly integrating videos in your marketing strategy.

Communication Crafts can help you device a video marketing strategy that will multiply your marketing ROI.

Communication Crafts delivers
exceptional results through video marketing!

It’s possible mostly due to the well planned approach we’ve devised.

Videos are everywhere! People love consuming fun and engaging video content either on their smart phones or their tabs, laptops or TV screens. That’s one of the reasons why video production services are in huge demand

across the world, from the smallest businesses to the Fortune 500 giants. But it has to be done through a proper marketing plan. Not everyone who makes a video is assured of success by default. As a highly experienced video production and integrated marketing agency, Communication Crafts has the ability to draw up strategies that assure success through video marketing.

A video strategy is born out of your marketing objectives. Once we’ve understood, what you are trying to achieve, we’ll suggest a step by step plan that will include a detailed video strategy, execution plan, and promotional plan.

A TVC, a digital film, a product film, a social video series, or a YouTube channel, whatever the content format and approach, we have an extensive experience to see the plan through. Here’s how we’ll go about it!

Define the Objective

The objective can be one or a mix of multiple. The common ones are:

  • Building trust
  • Building brand recall
  • Explaining product benefits
  • Simplifying a complex offering
  • Highlighting the achievements
  • And then some…

Define the other factors 

Based on the audience profile and the brand’s positioning, the remaining vitals are defined:

  • Execution Style
  • Budget
  • Timeline/ Deadline
  • Promotion Plan
  • Repurposing Possibilities

Once the video is planned, comes the execution part! Communication Crafts capitalizes on its in-house production studio, over 15 years of experience, and a consistently growing team to deliver expertise in a variety of video execution styles.

Our capabilities keep on increasing and improving by the day. Take a look at the types of videos we can expertly execute for your product or brand.

Corporate Films

Give your clients, customers, employees, and investors a proper introduction of your company with a Corporate Film. The better the film is, the more the viewers will connect with your company.

Product Films

Introduce your product to the audience with a video that presents your product and its features in the best way possible. It is an extension of your sales pitch.

Explainer Videos

Simplify the complex processes, stories, or anything else with an Explainer Video. The more your audience understands, the better your chances of business.

Social Media Videos

Your brand’s social media presence will be dull and uninteresting without videos. There are a lot many ways you can get those videos made to keep your TG engaged with the brand.

The video is made just like you wanted it to be, maybe even better if made by CC. Now you need to put it to good use. Video Marketing is a wide term but a few of the most common and effective ways to go about it are using the videos on:

  • Website Landing Page
  • YouTube Channel of your Brand
  • Social Media Accounts of your Brand
  • Mobile Video Usage by Sales Team for Lead Maturing

Work showcase

What’s Your Junoon TVC


Nutrabox, a small brand with big aspirations in a challenging industry created quite an impact on the ‘What’s Your Junoon’ video marketing campaign. It began with ideating for the campaign, creating a motivating and empowering video, and then running a campaign around it across various social media platforms.

Glade One Life Digital Film


Glade One is a luxurious estate like none else in Gujarat. To showcase the ‘Glade One Life’, Communication Crafts made a video that talked to the elite TG of the brand in the way they liked. We connected with their way of life and showed them how Glade One Life will change the way they live their life.

Nutrimixology Product Film


Nutrimixology by Brillare was a new range of hair care regime designed for high-end salons with a demanding customer base. We made a fun launch video in the slam poetry format. We also made How-To-Use videos for professionals. The campaign was further carried over to the Social Media and Digital Marketing realms by us.

It is the fastest way of achieving your marketing objective!

And we say that with authority.

Video has Excellent Recall

Videos have always had an excellent recall, ever since the day they came into existence. Think of your favourite scene from the TV Show you like, remembering them will be pretty easy. That’s the great advantage of making a good, engaging video!

Compare the recall of any marketing collateral with video and video will win every time!

Video has a Higher Conversion Rate

A video, when made with the correct strategy and executed perfectly will lead to a higher conversion rate on most days.

Communication Crafts has proved it time and again with the right strategy coupled with an awesome video. We’ll tell you the stories when we meet!

Proven to work for high-value products

In products and industries where the ticket size of individual conversion is very high, nothing beats video marketing. Take the real estate industry for example. If you have short videos showcasing the property and the amenities in a beautiful way, the rate of conversion will easily multiply. The same is the case with B2B businesses.