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As Google Certified Partners, Communication Crafts is recognized for their Pay-per-click (PPC) Services in Ahmedabad

Stamp of trust & expertise

The Google Partner Difference

Being accredited as a Google Partner company proves our expertise and experience in digital marketing. Get result-driven and time-tested PPC services and more when you choose Communication Crafts, a certified Google Adwords partner. Our digital marketing experts have maximum proficiency in Google Tools like Google Search Advertising, Adwords, Google Analytics, Display Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Video Advertising, Google Shopping, PPC Services, etc.

If you want your business advertisements to succeed on the most popular search engine, then a Google Ads Agency with a certified badge of Google Partner is the way to go!

As our client, your account is in safe hands as we work day in and day out to yield the best results from Google. We’re a PPC company and a Google Adwords partner with a skilled team of digital marketing experts, delivering carefully strategized PPC services, Google ad campaigns, and more.

From strategy to implementation, when we say end-to-end solutions, we mean it!

Astute PPC Campaign Management Services In Ahmedabad

Setting up PPC campaigns may be easy, but generating the desired conversion rate and ROI is challenging at best. As an experience-led PPC agency, we provide result-oriented PPC services that not only brings consistent and revenue-generating traffic but keep your brand ahead of the competition.
With a Google certified agency, you get digital marketing experts who understand the ongoing market and have high proficiency in PPC services and PPC campaign management.
We leverage our experience and expertise to bridge the gap between your brand and your target audience, maximising conversion rate and ROI.

Stay ahead of the curve with a certified Google Partner Agency.

Wide Range of PPC Campaign Management Services:


PPC Campaign Setup

Our digital marketing experts prioritises the right channels for your brand’s PPC campaign.

Native Advertising

We deliver visually-appealing Native Ads that resonates well with your audience and reflects your brand personality.

PPC Audit

We analyse your brand’s presence on Google and optimise PPC services accordingly.

Display Advertisement

Retain your current audience and entice new consumers with our captivating visual ads.

Search Advertisement

We deliver carefully planned paid campaigns that reach your target audience with ease.

Google Shopping Advertisement

Maximise conversion rate for your eCommerce business or physical store with our Google Shopping ads.

Want to enhance your online presence with result-driven PPC campaigns?

What does it mean to be an official google partner company?

This stamp of approval from Google proves that

  • Our digital marketing experts have gained our clients’ trust as a Google certified PPC Company and Google ads partner.
  • Over the years, we have displayed extreme eminence in Google ads management and PPC services.
  • As Google Certified Partners, we have fulfilled the expenditure requirement by managing multiple accounts to prove that our Google ads agency is adept at managing various ad campaigns at once.
  • We’ve also fulfilled the performance criteria for the Google Partner badge, providing consistent and lucrative Google Ads revenue and growth for our clients.
  • As a leading Google Partner Company, our digital marketing experts require annual recertification, keeping us up-to-date with the latest technologies and advertising trends.

Stay ahead of the curve with a certified Google Partner Agency.

Boost your business with paid campaigns

As a certified Google Ads Partner, our digital marketing experts are adept at assembling, positioning, implementing and managing all kinds of paid campaigns.

A successful Google Paid Campaign helps you in getting a steady flow of organic traffic that pushes your business towards success.

Maximise online visibility with result-driven PPC campaigns!

With Communication Crafts as your Google Partner Company, gain the advantage of having a globally recognized digital marketing agency by your side. We have worked with an enviable list of clients, giving us the expertise and experience to deliver Google Ad Campaigns and PPC services of the highest standards.

Why choose an official google partner company?

Reserve the spotlight for your brand:

A Google Partner Agency unlocks a plethora of perks and opportunities, delivering data-driven Google Ad Campaigns and PPC Services.

We work alongside your brand’s path to success, availing significant insight into competitor data, emerging market trends, conversion rates, beta tools and more.

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Technical Proficiency

We know and understand Google Adwords, Analytics and PPC services like the back of our hands. We leverage our proficiency to get the optimum results from Google ad campaigns.

Hands-on Experience

Work with a seasoned team of experts, carefully structuring campaigns that use up-to-date strategies, generate organic leads and maximise conversion rate.

Exclusive Tools

As Google Certified Partners, along with excelling at Google products, we have exclusive access to new betas, resources and tools from Google, helping you stay above the competition.

Industry-Leading Partnership

Along with quick results, establish a long-term partnership that gives you a competitive edge, provides continuous support and consistently fuels your success.

CC's journey as the finest digital agency of Gujarat is studded with many accolades.

  • Awarded as the Digital Marketing Agency of the Year, 2019 by the Times Group
  • 2 AFAQS Foxglove Awards in 2017 in Digital Film & Internal Branding categories
  • 4 AFAQS Foxglove Awards in 2016 in Digital & Branding categories
  • Published the 2nd consecutive volume of the acclaimed ‘Indian OTT Platforms Report -2019’ in partnership with MICA & ComScore
  • Published ‘The Magic book of Indian Ecommerce’, a 300-page research mapping the growth and opportunities in the industry

We've worked with some of the biggest brands

Certified Google Partner PPC Agency In Ahmedabad

Our PPC services and Google Ad campaigns are dedicated towards only one goal- Converting companies into industry leaders with maximum online visibility and brand awareness. Our main goal is to fuel success for your brand.

Our Digital Marketing Agency in Ahmedabad has been awarded the Google Partner Badge because of our time-tested efforts in helping businesses grow beyond expectations.

We have a seasoned team of Google experts who are well-versed with the latest digital marketing trends and strategies. With the right tools and resources, many businesses have been propelled towards greatness with our help, and the experiences have helped us grow as a full-fledged Advertising Agency through the years.

We believe in pushing boundaries and actualizing dreams.

And it doesn’t stop at Google advertising and PPC services, you’ll also have access to the newest digital marketing tools, features, up-to-date algorithms and end-to-end marketing solutions when you choose Communication Crafts as your Branding Agency.

Dedicated to success, leaving nothing to chance.

Flawless google ad campaigns and PPC services in Ahmedabad at your fingertips!


1. What Is PPC Marketing and How It Will Be Helpful for Your Business?

Think of PPC- Pay-Per-Click advertising! It is one of the most promising digital marketing strategies that you could use to reach thousands of customers in an instant. PPC enables you to reach out to the right target audience whose requirements align with the services that you offer. PPC is a suitable route for driving targeted traffic with reduced expenses.

For successful online marketing in Ahmedabad, consider partnering with leading PPC agencies like Communication Crafts. It will aid in carrying out your marketing activities online with precise targeting, measurability, and great results for your business being key considerations. 

2. How long have you been offering PPC services in Ahmedabad?

Communication Crafts, a leading branding and advertising company, has been offering PPC management services in Ahmedabad for the past 14 years. Through this practical experience, we have gained knowledge of the local market and the dynamic PPC landscape. With this in-depth knowledge, we can design custom campaigns that catch the attention of your target audiences, boosting your business effectiveness. 

3. Why Is PPC A Crucial Component of Online Advertising?

While the one-size-fits-all approach may not work for all businesses, PPC campaigns let your business zero in on people looking for your product or service in Ahmedabad. Which implies that you only pay when someone clicks your ad, thereby getting you the best return on investment (ROI) possible. 
Real time PPC campaigns include the capacity to monitor clicks, conversions, and more which in turn helps experienced PPC agencies in Ahmedabad to optimize the campaigns. By so doing, you give your campaigns a continuous adaptation to be able to deliver the best results. With customizability, measurability and ability to make changes, this makes PPC an irreplaceable tool online.

4. Do PPC Work for Small Business?

PPC can be called a strategy of great precision: that is why it works so well. PPC management agencies in Ahmedabad, including Communication Crafts, assist small business proprietors in digital marketing. We know that smart selection of the keywords, catchy ad copies, landing page optimization and the use of key extensions are just several elements that can significantly affect outcomes of the campaign. 
This mastery in each field allows business to avoid potential hazards while also serve as catalyst for the attainment of business leads. With PPC, businesses acquire more business rather from getting down to the nitty-gritty of digital advertising and this is what contributes to the new era of success in the fast-paced and intense digital space.

5. Why Communication Crafts is the Best PPC management company in Ahmedabad?

Communication Crafts, a top-rated PPC management company in the city is on a mission to unleash the full potential of PPC for the businesses in the city. Aiming more than just to be any other PPC agency, we are the one-stop shop where all your branding and marketing needs can be settled. Our specialists and crunch numbers make sure that the audience looking for your products or services will be attracted to the campaigns that we create for your business. Our way of working is result-oriented – increased traffic, leads, and conversions. We believe that being dedicatedly transparent is paramount. We share periodic reports based on detailed data and are consistent with it. Moreover, we as a company call the shots without affecting any other marketing efforts which can help you establish a brand name in Ahmedabad. Communication Crafts – Choose us, your favorite and trustworthy partner for the most exciting and successful PPC expedition in Ahmedabad.