Meet our Founder, Mr. Kartik Donga

A technocrat, an entrepreneur and an adventure enthusiast, Kartik has a Masters in Computer Application. Having handled diverse roles in the technology industry, he has gained deep insight in building solutions for businesses of all sizes and shapes.

As Founder of Communication Crafts

Kartik co-founded Communication Crafts and helped expand its global footprint. Starting from Dubai where we found our footing, we now have an international client base across the UK, USA, the Middle East and Australia thanks to his efforts.

Kartik has closely worked with numerous global brands to solve their business problems with his technology acumen

Global Agencies


Global Brands



Kartik is passionate about business expansion across borders and building long lasting relationships. Under his stewardship, CC has built a stable client base that has continued their association with us for almost 2 decades.

Kartik has consulted as a tech strategist for:

  1. Samra Jewellery- to build their jewelry manufacturing ERP, CRM, and HRMS which manages their entire employee base across Dubai and Thailand.
  2. Elite Mobile UK- to build multiple online platforms across different technologies.
  3. Mercedes Benz, Paramatta- to develop customer services app platforms
  4. Multiple govt. agencies in Abu Dhabi- for building their web and app platforms


Kartik heads the Advantage Team at CC. Over the years he has nurtured talent and created within the team, homegrown leaders who are achieving business milestones like pros. He believes in an open door policy- (his workspace literally is a door-less cabin). His leadership mantra is to walk the talk. He is the most enthusiastic participant in every company offsite and the first to arrive at each blood donation/charity drive.

CC’s online Librarika and the biennial Kaizen efficiency drive are both his brainchild.


His Strava profile reflects more than 2000 km run in the last 18 months
-He has 2 ultra runs with more than 50 km distance covered in total
-He has run 3 Full Marathons including the coveted Mumbai Marathon
-He has run more than 30 Half Marathons across India in the last 12 months
-He is an expert swimmer

Marathons finished:
– ADR Night Ultra Run – 12 hours run – 50 km
– Tata Mumbai Marathon – Full 42.2 km
– B Safal Marathon – Full 42.2 km
– Matheran Endurance Run – 25 km
– Airtel Delhi Half Marathon -21.1 km
– Tata Mumbai Half Marathon – 21.1 km
– ADR Trail Run – 25K

He is currently training for the Ironman triathlon event in 2020 which is 3.8 km swimming, 180 km cycling and 42.2 km running.



He has travelled for work and leisure to- Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Phuket, Dubai, Oman, Kuwait, London, Edinburgh, Oxford, Cambridge, Manchester, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Diego


Lover of long drives, planter of mango groves, taker of hillside holidays and experimenter of world cuisines- that’s an about accurate description of Kartik in his own time and element. His wife Payal and son Vivaan count on his cooking skills when hunger strikes at midnight.

He is a coffee connoisseur, passionate about South Indian Filter Coffee and consumes the highest number of espressos in the office. Post retirement he dreams of starting a coffee wagon with his wife where he can source and brew specialty coffees from across the globe.

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