If someone asks for one reason why CC is the place to work and grow, it would be the fact
that everyone here gets to chart their own path for their personal growth. It’s one of the
many great perks of being a part of a continuously growing organization.

Of course, we do have one of the most well-defined organization structures, but that
doesn’t stop any CCite from choosing to grow the way they want to in their career. We are
a young team of creative, technical and management experts who make sure the fun of
working is never lost amidst all the rush of busy workdays.


Workplace full of life.

Workdays full of excitement.

Our floors are always buzzing with various exciting activities throughout the day. Brainstorming sessions, online meetings, team discussions, music, fun pranks and most importantly, kick-ass creative work. It’s like a sweet symphony being played every day by a professional orchestra. Chaotic yet sensible. Buzzing yet soothing.


CC is full of creative problem solvers and innovators with their own sets of special skills. They come together to work wonders for different clients and projects. CCfy provides a platform to these innovators to come together to create something for themselves and work on ideas that have been living in their minds for a long, long time.

We let the CCites CCfy their ideas and bring them to life in fun and engaging activities and initiatives.

  • Technical skill upgradation trainings
  • Seminars/ webinars
  • Hackathon


CC is full of people who add a lot of life to this vibrant workplace. When they’re here, they create the lively work atmosphere and the culture of this company. As a part of the Work-Life Balance initiative, Communication Crafts believes in celebrating ‘More Life Per Life’.

Under this initiative, we provide opportunities for the CCites to add more life to their individual lives through thoughtful policies, processes and engaging activities, within and outside the office premises.

  • Picnics/ Bike Trips
  • Annual Conference
  • Sports Day


Women empowerment begins with breaking stereotypes. Beyond Pink is an initiative where the women of CC shatter stereotypes by not just making the most of equal opportunities but also by creating their own opportunities.

From being self-starters to leading entire departments and major changes within the organization, women of CC are ahead of the curve.

  • Equal opportunities and pay across all roles and departments
  • Performance-based compensation, irrespective of gender or department differences
  • Safe and welcoming work environment– POSH Policy
  • Maternity leave policy

They say it best when they say
it in their own words!

Listen to what CCites have to say about the culture that they fondly live every day.
To be honest, a lot of credit goes to the hundreds of CCites who have played their part in
creating and passing on the culture to the new ones around them.

Sounds like the perfect
workplace for you?

We’ll leave you with this exciting film that sums up everything.
Who knows, you could feature in the next version of this film!

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