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We make producing great videos seem like a breeze!

Honestly, it’s not! It takes a lot to produce great videos that get the world hooked. Over the past 15 years, we’ve produced hundreds of films for a lot of clients from across the world. The best corporate video company and promotional video maker in business across various industries swear by our video capabilities and you’ll know it soon enough.

The expert team here at CC will guide you through the process that we’ve expertly set for a professional and hassle-free video production service delivery. From product explainer video to corporate video production, choose from a variety of video types and styles that we offer while developing your video strategy.

Discuss your video goals!

Great videos make for fantastic marketing solutions!

Here are a few such videos made by us.


Brillare, a brand used by salon professionals introducing their path-breaking Nutrimixology range through slam poetry.

CIMS Hospital

CIMS Cancer Hospital depicting the many stories of patients and families battling cancer in a heartfelt, empathetic film.

Gala Celestia

An affordable housing project by Gala Group, one of the most reputed real estate developers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Glade One

An ultra-luxurious project in the outskirts of Ahmedabad, offering an award-winning golf course and villa living across 270 acres.


A reputed agro-based food ingredient company producing corn-based products showcasing its incredible story.


A premium protein powder and vitamin supplements brand setting the tone for their customers’ transformation journey.

Video is a more affordable marketing tool than you think!

You know videos are very effective marketing tools, but what you may not know is that videos can be very affordable and they can earn your investment back in no time.

Effective video marketing can dramatically improve your reach, recall and ROI. When you associate with us for promotional or corporate video production as well as video marketing services, our video ads creators help you strategize, execute and market your video campaign to the right audience.When we say end-to-end solutions, we mean it! We know what we’re talking about!

Video Case Studies

Video case studies
July 16, 2020

IMS Orientation Film

The Results “By far the best team I've ever worked with. They truly understood the look I was going for and completely nailed it!” Problem Nutrabox is a challenger brand,…
Video case studies
July 16, 2020

Euro 7000

Euro 7000 - a leading adhesive brand wanted to create a film for Holi with the key message of how the brand nurtures lifelong bonds with everyone who associates with…
Video case studies
July 16, 2020


The Results “By far the best team I've ever worked with. They truly understood the look I was going for and completely nailed it!” Problem Nutrabox is a challenger brand,…
Video case studies
July 16, 2020

CIMS Hospital

Depicting the rollercoaster of emotions while fighting cancer Problem Fighting Cancer is not easy, not only for the patient but also for their family and loved ones. CIMS Foundation is…

Making a film

A picture is worth a thousand words and as your creative media partners and corporate video company, we use the visual media and cutting edge to create new experiences and open new doors to an ocean of opportunities. We are a team of storytellers with the right people who bring the right amount of experience to help your brand thrive.


A unique script is the secret of any film’s success. Our corporate video makers create indulging content to invite and inspire your clients. Our concepts of corporate promo videos throw light upon your strengths to effectively communicate the vision of your company during your Investor Meets, Team gatherings, Client Conferences and Budgeting reviews.


The production refers to the shooting days. We have a professional production team of film makers with cameramen, crew and director who are adept at both on-set and outdoor shoots. We have capabilities for full HD and slow-mo Shoots.


The post-production phase in the corporate video production process involves editing the captured footage, adding captions, graphics, music, and narration before outputting the compilation in a format suitable for screening, DVD, and/or web streaming.And lastly, mastering- the final step of rendering the final output in the required format.

Your involvement

If the topic is your company, you are the expert. Remember, in appointing us as your corporate video production company for a film project you begin a liaison which will continue until the film is ready. It is likely, during that time that key people in your company will need to be involved, to help with the details during the scripting of your company promo video, or in the production itself, perhaps in the form of an interview; all this going hand in hand with corporate video production services, create an exceptional piece of production in the end.

We've worked with some of the biggest brands


With an experience of more than 15 years as corporate film makers in the corporate film production and corporate video production industry, Communication Crafts has stood out to be one of the most trusted and reputed media agencies. Services delivered with expertise and innovative edits by our corporate video marketing team have not only brought recognition for our esteemed clientele but also delivered business boosting results.

We believe to be with you and help your clientele see your journey through your eyes with our resonating movie and excelling skills of Storytelling. Our Video production services will enrich the experience of your journey by making it come to life. Create a corporate promo video film for your business; it’s time the world should know your achievements, your strength, your products and the real value of your business.
A team of proficient animated video creators, motion graphic artists, graphic designers and film editors led by an experienced business department head who works very closely with you and your vision for your brand.

Our corporate video production services and corporate film production services will enrich the experience of your journey through the medium of creative storytelling- a story that resembles your achievements, strength, products, ideology and the real value of your business.

Being an ever-growing corporate video production company in Ahmedabad, we strive on enhancing your clientele’s interaction with you and connect you with them in a more meaningful and strategic manner. Following our basic ideology of ‘every brand has a story to tell’, we aspire on being the master storytellers for your brand. After all, we are the corporate video company right next door.

Grow Your Business Now

Every business has a story to tell, and we are the Master Storyteller. A corporate promo video/film, presents your business’ ideology, the value it holds for its people, the products, the Team, the Vision and a promise to deliver the best service. Our expert corporate video makers are dedicated to enhancing your clientele’s interaction with you and connect you with your clients in a more meaningful manner. After all, a brand is not just a business, a brand is a feeling you get when you hear a business’s name.


How do I make a great corporate video?

First and foremost, lay down your business objectives. Secondly, bring on board a kick-ass video production company who are experts at creating awesome, appealing videos. Being pros at what they do, they’ll understand your goals and create a great corporate video for your company that your audience will love to watch.

How long should my online video be?

It all depends on the social media platforms you plan to launch your video on. While some videos for certain platforms like Tik Tok or commercials require a predetermined length, nowadays you create relatively longer videos on YouTube, Facebook or IGTV video. We recommend that most videos on the social media platforms shouldn’t be longer than a few minutes. This is a necessary thing as it is important to keep your audience in mind.

Creating lengthy content might lure them away, or they won’t even bother to watch it in the first place, considering the length of the video. But don’t worry, we’re happy to guide you on how to create the perfect corporate video that’ll simply engage with your audience.

How much should my video cost?

What are your business goals, what is your marketing plan, which platforms is the video going to run on, how long will it be? These are a few decisive questions that comes across while determining the cost of the video. It’s up to you to decide how much to invest in your business’ project. But whatever is the budget, getting the best out of it is our forte. It’s where our 15+ years of experience and expertise in video production comes to play. All you would need to do is tell us your goals and budget and our experts will lay down an effective video plan for you!

Do you add voiceovers and music?

If you would like to have voiceovers for your video, we will certainly provide you with a range of different voiceover sample to choose from. All you have to do is select the one you like and leave the rest to us. Don’t worry, we’ll make it work wonders for your video!

Similarly if you require background music, we can source a suitable track from a royalty-free music library and provide a license for its use in the video.

Can you add subtitles to your videos?

Of course! In any language you want, just let us know!

In what format will I receive my video files?

We usually supply our finished videos in the most commonly used formats, typically .mp4 or .mov. However, if you like the video in any other format, that won’t be a problem! We’ll gladly convert the video in the format you prefer!

Can you make our video go ‘viral’?

Once we craft the video to perfection, we are happy to guide you through distributing your content on social media platforms in an effective way which will garner a larger audience to view your video.

Our experienced digital marketers are experts at optimizing video content for various social media channels and search engines. They handle the SEO aspect of the video, which will help get your video to be easily visible on the search engines. But we don’t stop there, our outstanding copywriters create appealing content for social media platforms to promote your video in a way that people will be excited to watch it. One thing is for sure, we always do the best we can to produce a hit!

Do you create interactive and appealing content?

At Communication Crafts, we have always worked in a way to create innovative and engaging video content. We wouldn’t be where we are if we didn’t!  We are always focused on creating the most crisp, appealing videos that the target audience can resonate with.

And to make sure we live up to the high benchmarks that you set for us, we make sure to understand your business needs thoroughly. This not only helps our amazing storywriters create a great story line that will serve its purpose, but also be interactive and fun for the audience to watch. It’s a win-win!