Indian OTT platforms- 2019 report


Indian OTT platforms- a report, briefly unravels the emergence of OTT platforms in India, their increasing demand in the new age entertainment consumption and their impact on linear television. The report highlights the habits, ways and preferences of the Indian audience and the reasons that follow the success of regional OTT platforms.

The data stated in the report draws a clear picture of the future of OTT platforms, their ever -increasing revenue and subscriptions. The report also includes views and insights of key personalities from Indian OTT platforms such as Mr. Uday Sodhi, Mr. Tarun Katial and many more.

How you’ll benefit from this research?

This report unravels the likes and dislikes of the consumers with precise data and information, so that you get a clear vision of the content that sells among Indian audiences.

The data lays out a comparative study of consumption of content on OTT Platforms from 2017 to 2019 and the future years to come. This will give you a clear idea of the place that OTT platforms will hold in the market and how the evolution and inclination of consumers to varied content and distinct platforms shall shape the future of entertainment industry.

Brief insights from market leaders of OTT platforms will help you understand their approach towards an emerging market and what the future holds for the consumers and the creators.

Features of This Report

  • Detailed analysis of Indian OTT platforms
  • Insights and statistics of OTT leaders
  • The situation of linear television and their take on OTT
  • Fact sheet of regional OTT platforms
  • Most popular programs and categories from each platform
  • Approach of Indian audience towards content

Who should read this report?

This article is a must read for all the content creators and thought leaders in the Indian entertainment and media industry.

Producers of regional content would also find this report exciting as well as informative, since the report maps the demand for originally regional content and what the other OTT platforms are doing about it.

It is also a fun read for those interested in learning the meteoric of Indian OTT platforms.

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