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Keep it simple. Make it Memorable- 9 Copywriting Tips- Don’t miss out!

By October 1, 2021November 19th, 2021Blog
Copywriting tips

Summary: The power of social media marketing is well-known to every brand. In this article, we’ll explore the different copywriting tips for social media marketing and answer frequently asked questions like: What is copywriting in marketing? What does a copywriter do? What are the copywriting techniques? What is the importance of copywriting in social media? What are the social media copywriting best practices?

Table of Content

– Define Target Audience
– Keep it Simple
– Copy Review
– Don’t Hard Sell
– Create Result-Driven Content
– Utilise Clever Analogies When Needed
– Select Effective Hashtags
– Instigate Curiosity and Anticipation
– Use Appropriate Call-To-Action

Every brand needs a voice and a personality that reflects and resonates well with its audience. Social media is the best way to build a unique and powerful brand personality.

There are already more than 4 billion social media users globally as of 2021. Every brand is trying something new to tap into the pool of social media consumers.

The most effective way to turn heads on social media is Copywriting.

8 out of 10 users only read the headlines and most internet users only read 20% of the entire content on a page. That’s why it is crucial for brands to make that 20% count, and use it to get the desired actions from the users.

Copywriting, if used correctly, is the key to grabbing your audience’s attention and achieving your marketing goals.

Let’s start by discussing what is copywriting.

What is Copywriting?

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is a literary skill that involves persuasive and creative writing used for promotional and marketing purposes.
Social media copywriting is a specific skill of writing used for promoting campaigns, services, products, and more.

The main objective of copywriting is motivating people to take the desired actions like making a purchase, clicking on a link, scheduling a consultation call, etc.

The text in this style of writing is known as a “copy,” hence the name “copywriting

What does a Copywriter do?
Copywriters are professionals who are skilled at writing copies. They are at the core of nearly every brand and business nowadays. From brochures to web content, copies are an integral part of marketing and promotion.

Copywriters aim to write copies that compel viewers to take a second glance by intriguing or enticing them.

Copywriting examples for social media:

Copywriting 6

Copywriting 7

Copywriting requires a specific thought process to understand the audience and deliver appropriate content to achieve the desired results.

Let’s discuss some of the essential copywriting tips for social media.

Social Media Copywriting Best Practices

Social Media Copywriting Best Practices

The advertisement that catches your attention and makes you stop scrolling in your social media feed, that’s an effective copy written by a skilled copywriter who understands the social media copywriting essentials.

The social media copywriting essentials that every copywriter must know:

1. Define Target Audience

Identifying and understanding your target audience is the first step towards writing an effective copy for a successful ad campaign.

Learn what content intrigues your audience, and try to use the content to make them engage and interact with your brand. Along with the target audience, define your marketing goals and figure out a way to influence action through creative copywriting.

2. Keep it Simple

Never overload your copies with information. Bite-sized content is always more easy-to-digest and attractive for your audience among the ever-increasing online clutter.

Concise and creatively to-the-point copies are much more impactful than informative copies with long sentences.

An advertisement for a dating website that says “You deserve someone who cares for you and makes you feel valued” would gain less attention than a simple and concise “You deserve better!”

Example of a simple yet effective copy:

Copywriting 12

3. Copy Review

Copywriting 3

Even skilled copywriters need to double-check the quality of their copies. Ensure your copy is of good quality for achieving the desired reactions with the help of tools like:

  • Google Trends
  • Google Analytics
  • BuzzSumo
  • Hemingway App
  • Yoast
  • Stack Edit
  • Read-able
  • Coschedule

Here’s an example of a top-quality copy by Apple for promoting the iPhone:
“Ingenuity makes it thin. Aluminium makes it strong.”

4. Don’t Hard Sell

Pushing your audience directly to buy a certain product or service is viable only if it is from an established brand with heavy discounts and offers.

In other scenarios, consumers don’t like to be pushed around anymore. With so many options to choose from, your audience may get too overwhelmed by your advertisement and look for alternatives.

Using obscure methods to lure and entice your audience is ideal for social media copywriting. Use impactful hashtags, playful captions with unique and concise copies to build an appealing sales pitch.

Copywriting 8

5. Create Result-Driven Content

Create content that works towards your business and marketing goals. Monitor audience reaction and engagement to determine the effectiveness of your copies.

This will help you create better copies every time you post on social media. Have a big-picture objective set for your brand, and slowly work your way towards it, one copy at a time.

Follow the basic guidelines:

  • Create a social media presence with a powerful brand voice
  • Integrate influencer marketing and gain a follower base in your industry
  • Funnel your audience and potential users to your online store or website

6. Utilise Clever Analogies When Needed

Utilising social media copywriting with clever analogies can trigger many emotions in your audience, leading to the desired actions. Analogies and clever copywriting can help you convey complex messages in a much simpler and more relatable way.

This method is extremely effective in engaging your audience and attracting potential customers.

Using perfect adjectives and expressive sentences with witty images is the key to clever andcopywriting.

An example for a dating website would be “A relationship is like a train, it goes both ways”

Here are some examples of social media copywriting with clever analogies and comparisons:

Copywriting 9

Copywriting 10


7. Select Effective Hashtags

Copywriting 4

Research your competitors’ social media and other products/services in your industry to find out the most effective hashtags that you can use with your social media copywriting.

Hashtags have a huge impact on brand awareness. Your posts become easily searchable, generating more views and conversions. A well-placed and well-timed hashtag can make a huge difference in boosting your brand’s reach and recognition.

For example, using trending hashtags of the day on Twitter can make your post noticeable to others, and even make it go viral at times. Creating and spreading a brand hashtag also enhances your brand’s reputation.

Successful social media hashtags:

  • Nike: #JustDoIt
  • Cocacola: #ShareACoke
  • Lays: #DoUsAFlavor
  • Calvin Klein: #MyCalvins
  • Redbull: #PutACanOnIt

8. Instigate Curiosity and Anticipation

Sometimes, your content alone can’t make the desired impact, but you can use social media copywriting to generate curiosity and anticipation in other ways as well.

  • Use product teasers and product reveal posts to generate more interest and anticipation for new products or services
  • Offer giveaways and special discounts in exchange for special requests like filling a form, sharing the post with friends, like the post, etc.
  • Asking questions can also generate curiosity in your followers’ minds, increasing the level of audience engagement in your brand’s social media account.

These methods of generating specific emotions can boost brand loyalty by bridging the gap between your brand and your audience.

Social media copywriting examples:

copy writing 05

copy writing 050

9. Use Appropriate Call-To-Action

Copywriting 5

Even a cleverly written copy can have no impact if you fail to convey your message. Many brands and companies fail to trigger the desired actions from their users because of inadequate or ineffective call-to-action(CTA).

There are two ways to nudge your users towards your products.

  • Inform your customers about your products and why they need to purchase your products or services after your eye-catching copy.
  • Entice your audience to visit your product website.

Understand your audience, objectives and location for delivering persuasive CTAs. Powerful and effective CTAs are a must-have for successful social media copywriting.

Examples of CTA:

  • Sign up
  • Subscribe!
  • Schedule a consultation call
  • Try for free
  • Join the fight!
  • Learn more

Choose the CTA that best suits your brand, your products/services and your content.

Final thoughts

The power of social media copywriting cannot be undermined in the age of digital marketing.

These were the top 9 copywriting tips for social media marketing.

From defining the target audience to using effective call-to-action, these social media copywriting best practices will help you build a unique brand personality with an impactful online presence.

Carefully develop copy content adhering to your audience and your marketing objectives because your social media content can make or break your brand.

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