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The Art Of Strong Corporate Identity: The Impact, Importance & Elements

By December 13, 2022Blog
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It’s amazing how a simple yellow M on a red background can conjure up memories of something similar in the majority of us. Or does a picture of a lady with long, flowing hair wearing a crown against a green background make us want to reach for a cup of coffee right away? Well, these are some stunning results of strategies created to form a corporate identity by big companies.

But that’s not it. Corporate identity is a lot more than that. So let’s understand: what is corporate identity? Elements of Corporate Identity, Importance of Corporate Identity, Types of Corporate Identity, and some extra fun facts There you go!

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What is corporate identity?

Corporate identity is the way a company thoughtfully presents itself to the public. It includes all of the company’s outwardly visible components, including dress regulations, employee uniforms, logos, product packaging, and advertising and marketing strategies.

Combining a logo, corporate colors, slogans and taglines, and fonts is just one aspect of corporate identity. The main goal of this is to present an identifiable picture of a business to consumers.

How is corporate identity different from brand identity?

Mistaking brand identity with corporate identity is quite common. In brand identity, the purpose, ethics, and quality of the product are all carefully described. It emphasizes the unique offering of the band’s image.

The corporate identity, on the other hand, specifies the company’s goals, beliefs, and values that guide the creation of the good or service. It highlights the corporation’s reputation while promoting the parent firm.

Three main elements of corporate identity

Corporate Communication

Corporate communications refer to how an organization communicates with and transmits information to internal and external audiences to foster a positive perspective and a consistent brand image across all platforms.

Corporate Behavior

This has to do with how the business interacts with those who are connected to it, such as its employees, consumers, suppliers, and so on.

Corporate Design

The corporate design displays the company’s visual identity. It encompasses all of the firm’s visual assets, such as the name, logo, brand colors, brand visuals, tagline, etc., that serve to visually distinguish the company apart from competitors.

A uniform design idea enables your target audience to quickly and explicitly identify with your appearance and the identity behind it. It also makes unseen business values and principles visible and tangible over time.

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What is the importance of corporate identity?

The most crucial and effective element for your company to expand in this cutthroat industry and leave a solid and favorable impression on your brand in your customers’ perceptions is its corporate identity. It supports establishing the image of the company even when you are not present, as well as describing your professional services and high-caliber output. It might contain things like your website, business cards, and logo. The primary tool to distinguish your company from its many rivals in the market is its corporate identity.

Impactful Impression

Increased corporate identification is made possible through a recognizable logo, a compelling corporate philosophy, and professional interactions with partners, customers, and employees. The business is remembered because it is linked to positive experiences.

Enhances Ownership control

Your company’s corporate identity also supports you in gaining more ownership and control. Customers can now understand the ownership requirements and control over your business because they are more aware of your business and its products. To keep up with changing times and new announcements, companies should be able to integrate new materials while also keeping consumers regularly updated on changing criteria.

Helps you stand out

The long-term success of freshly formed businesses is typically their primary concern; yet, they do not prioritize the organization’s visibility. By creating a strong corporate identity, every organization may be effectively identifiable. Any corporation can use it to develop a unique identity for their enterprise. The company can be differentiated from competitors because of its powerful corporate identity, which shapes clients’ perceptions of your business.

Attracts Loyalty

Maintaining a consistent corporate identity in accordance with the business’s beliefs, principles, and goals enables customers to connect with and develop loyalty to the company.

Iconic Examples Of Corporate Identity


A wonderful example of a company using corporate design to establish itself in various markets and engage new customers is Spotify.

The industry’s new competitor has experienced multiple significant graphic changes to its corporate brand identity during its transition from a music streaming platform to a global entertainment brand.

All of Spotify’s advertisements now have the same look and feel without compromising their artists, whether they are promoting a classical musician or a rap artist.

Corporate Identity_02_spotify


Starbucks’ corporate identity is built around the fact that they serve more than just coffee. They promote a lifestyle. To promote its existence to its target consumers, Starbucks uses text and imagery. They don’t make extensive use of print or television marketing, which makes their brand seem more individualized to each buyer. In the modern world, people use brands like this to create their own identities and market themselves globally.

Corporate Identity_03_starbucks


Exclusiveness is a core part of Apple’s corporate identity. Apple highlights its uniqueness and originality through a variety of methods, including its instantly recognizable and incredibly simple logo. This company has a history of applying effective marketing and advertising strategies. The company’s original tagline, “Byte into an Apple,” was a comical twist on a corporation that was primarily a computer software company.
Later, the logo was updated at the same time that the tagline was changed to “Think Different”. With this new strategy, Apple pushed its consumers to be unique and innovative in their work, much like the company itself.

Corporate Identity_04_apple


Having a distinct and powerful corporate identity has become essential in today’s constantly evolving industry. It helps in both differentiating and leaving a lasting impression on the public. Therefore, before launching into the market, establish a strong corporate identity.

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