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Five Proven Branding Strategies to Scale Your Startup

By March 9, 2023April 21st, 2023Blog
branding for startups

Sleepless nights, an overdose of caffeine, self-doubt, and constant pangs of guilt. Yes, we are talking about running a startup here. There’s a lot of work involved in running a startup. And to justify all the efforts, the branding strategy needs to do the heavy lifting.

If you are a startup owner who is confused about whether to invest in branding or not, how much to invest, and how to make strategies that will make your startup look bigger and more attractive, then you are in the right place.

 There are a lot of things that are required to be done while branding a startup. While it is advisable to get support from a startup branding agency, this blog will help you unravel all the answers to branding your startup. So let’s go!

Before jumping on strategies, let’s get the foundations strong and understand:- 

What is branding for startups?

Branding is the process of creating a distinct market position through the use of designs, colors, text, slogans, symbols, images, values, and so on. For a start-up, branding is important to establish a strong image in the market and make it memorable to attract more customers and loyalty.

Strong branding will eventually help a startup build credibility in the market and differentiate itself from competitors. This includes everything from the brand symbol to the color palette, tagline, and overall messaging that can communicate what services the startup is offering.

“Branding is the foundation upon which you build your startup’s reputation”

Why is a good branding strategy important for a startup?

There’s one thing common in all the most successful companies around the world, i.e 

A Strong Branding Strategy.

Many people believe that branding is just for big companies, which is not entirely true. The role of branding strategy is as critical in a startup as it is in big enterprises. 

Are we hyping up on branding way too much here? Not really. 

Check out how branding will help you reap truckloads of ROI

1- Builds Confidence And Trust

According to Gitnux, 46% of people tend to pay more when purchasing from a trusted brand. Branding helps customers feel confident about you. Once your brand is successful in building trust and keeping promises, the confidence of customers will grow along with your startup’s growth, thereby building loyalty. 

2- Keep You Different From Your Competitors

Every company wants its product or service to stand out from the crowd and surpass its competitors in the eyes of potential clients. By employing branding, you may choose a certain color, symbol, sign, message, and more to support your startup and communicate an attitude, feeling, or way of life that works well with your business and creates an emotional bond with the consumer.

3- Attract Top Employees

Your employees will be proud to work for your company if your brand has a solid reputation. Gen-Z employees notably are looking for jobs with a fun and engaging work environment. By posting videos, reels, and stories of employees’ daily tasks on social media, the business is able to attract new employees and foster a healthy company culture.

How to avoid startup failure?

Dos and Don’ts of a Startup Strategy

Dos Don’ts 
Do solid research. Don’t copy big companies.
Frame a Solid Business Plan Don’t adopt complex structures
Set clear business goals Don’t set many unclear business goals
Write a mission statement Don’t be a perfectionist.
Decide a Name, Color Palette, and Logo that effectively conveys your brand Don’t skip-networking and meeting the right people
Plan your budget strategically Don’t ignore customer feedback

Guide On A Branding Strategy For A Startup

“Branding is like telling a story, you have to be consistent, engaging, and never repetitive.”

1- Embrace the power of purpose

Great brands have a purpose. Many businesses have claimed that their pursuit of profit is no longer enough. It was their purpose that had them going and staying motivated throughout the journey. According to Forbes, consumers are six times more likely to purchase from a purpose-driven agency. So, always appreciate the power of purpose in your business.

2-Have an original voice

You can be bold, friendly, empathetic, sassy and whatever you want, but have a voice. Having a particular voice in a brand helps form an emotional connection. According to a survey, customers who have an emotional bond with a brand are over 50% more valuable than highly satisfied customers.

3- Go pro on social media

For entrepreneurs, using social media as a branding strategy is now essential..Customers are more inclined to refer a brand to others if they had a positive experience with its social media platforms. Social media recently surpassed paid search as an advertising channel, expanding 25% YoY and hitting $137 billion, according to sprout social.

4- Let your website speak

A strong website can have a significant impact on your startup. Before making a purchase, the majority of consumers check through a brand’s website. Your startup’s credibility will grow as a result of having a strong website that attracts organic traffic and potential customers.

5- Be consistent and confident

Successful branding relies on consistency. A company must communicate in a way that is consistent with its core values, brand promise, customer experience, and other brand identity components in order to be consistent with all of those elements. Consistency is defined as the extent to which your brand identity and brand rules are reflected in your company’s marketing materials.

From research and development to finance to talent development, every area of the company has a job to play in branding.

Wrapping up.

In the end, branding is the glue that holds your startup together, helping it to stand out and succeed in a crowded market. It helps give your brand identity and increase loyalty. Doing it right will ensure the success of your business. 

Communication crafts have been at the forefront of helping the business achieve its vision. Our experts have extensive experience in providing practical, adaptable, unique, and creative branding solutions. So if you are looking for a branding strategy for your startup, we have got you covered.

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