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Google ‘0’ position – An effective way to market your business

By October 1, 2019December 30th, 2020Blog

Google ‘0’ position is a critical position. If your brand ranks in this position, you can achieve great visibility which leads to a boost in sales. Know more about it as further.

What is position ‘0’ on Google?

Position ‘0’ is the result appearing above the number 1 ranking result on the Google Search Engine Results Page. It has been introduced with the intention of quickly delivering the queries of users and thus, contains a summary of an answer which is extracted from a webpage, URL, etc. It is also known as a Featured Snippet.
It was originally called ‘Quick answers’ and is also referred to as ‘Answer box’.
An example of Marwadi University displaying on Google ‘0’ is given below:

How to differentiate between the results of Google 0 and other results?

Not every result you find on the first position of Google is a result of Google 0. Google has many rankings such as Google 1, Google 2, etc. But the ranking which stands above all of these positions is generally considered as the Google 0.

For more clarity, here are a few differences between the results of Google 0 and other results:

Results of Google 0 Other results
Responds to the query of the user with direct answers Responds to the query of the user with multiple answers
Can be in the form of paragraphs, lists, and table Only in the form of paragraphs
Answers are user-friendly User needs to go through multiple options
Might or might not have a link attached to it Will have a link attached to it
Efficient for marketing purposes Effective for marketing purposes

Types of results in position ‘0’:

As mentioned above, the results in position 0 can be in the form of paragraphs, lists, and table. It depends upon the type of search a user conducts.
Paragraph snippet: Paragraph snippet is the most common type of Google ‘0’. A majority of the search results show this type of result.

List snippet: Such a snippet displays the search result with bullet points or is usually numbered. Here’s an example:

Table snippet: A table snippet comprises of a search result in a tabular format which makes it user-friendly up to a significant extent.

As you might have realised, Google 0 increases the efficiency of the search result while influencing the customers. Thus, if the SEO content of your brand ranks in this position, it can prove to be highly beneficial.

SEO for Google 0:

Ranking in Google 0 is not a layman’s art. To rank here, the Optimisation must be carried out effectively so that your brand ranks rank on the first page of Google Search Result. This further requires a strong base of SEO with quality content and apt keywords. Also, the headers must be used with clean formatting.

How does Google ‘0’ benefit your business?

According to an article published in searchengineland.com, ranking in Google 0 can be highly beneficial for your brand. Here’s how:

  • It provides visibility to your brand.
  • Improves the organic performance
  • Increase in CTR (Click-Through Rate) and Conversions
  • Increase in revenue

In fact, when the content of Hubspot was positioned in Google 0, they saw an increase of 114% in CTR. They even conducted research on how likely do potential customers trust Google 0.
This is what they found.

Data collected from Hubspot
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