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Rebranding 101- A simple guide to give your brand an awesome makeover

By November 28, 2022April 21st, 2023Blog
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Brands Need Makeovers Too.
Why should humans have all the fun?

So, maybe we are guessing it right, you’re here means you are bored with your old brand image or have other plans for your brand. Well, you are thinking of a makeover, aren’t you?

Then, let us understand What is rebranding, how is it different from branding, and how to successfully rebrand your business? Should you rebrand or not?

Let’s go!

What is Rebranding?

Rebranding is a marketing strategy that closely resembles branding, but the goal is to update the old brand and add newness to it. The core goal of rebranding is to enhance and impact customer’s understanding and perception of a product, service, or the whole brand
Making it more trending and appropriate to customer demands.

Rebranding involves more than just upgrading a website’s layout or logo. Rebranding literally means revamping the way your company or organization appears.

Why is rebranding different from branding?

Branding is the process of giving a company its own unique identity in the eyes of its target market and customers. The logo, graphic design, mission, and tone of voice of a company comprise its branding at its most fundamental level. However, your brand identity is also influenced by the quality of your goods, how well you treat your customers, and even how much you charge for your goods and services.


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Branding vs Rebranding

When you are making your first impression of your company, it’s called branding. When you give a makeover to the existing appearance, it is called rebranding.

Branding is all about bringing its identity, appearance, logo, and goals to the public’s attention. This establishes the brand’s perception in the long run and determines how it will develop.

But wait, rebranding is not just revamping logos or websites, it’s more than that. It also involves a thorough overhaul of the organizational structure and purpose statements. It might exist simultaneously on the internal and outward levels. Rebranding a business focuses more on modernizing an existing entity.

Reasons To Have Rebranding Considerations

To rebrand or not? Let us know when some of the good reasons to rebrand!

  • To Thrive In The Competition
  • To Target Different Markets
  • If The Name Or Slogan Of Your Brand Is Misleading
  • If Your Product Or Service Has Changed
  • If You Undergo A Merger
  • If Your Company Mission Has Changed

From Facebook to Taco Bell to McDonald’s and more, some of the major brands had successful rebrandings and hit high levels in the consumer market.

Organizations and brands typically update their corporate identities once every seven to ten years. Redesigning logos, color schemes, visual language, slogans, rebranding campaigns, etc frequently included in this. Occasionally, throughout this procedure, the name of the organization is also altered.

Here’s how the logos of these famous brands evolved

Rebranding 101 _01

Rebranding 101_02

Rebranding 101_03

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So, if you have made up your mind to give a new life to your brand, here are some rebranding strategies to undertake to successfully bring a blockbuster and upgraded sequel of your brand to the market.

How to rebrand your business

Revamping your brand is not just a change in logo or website. So what does rebranding mean and what does it include? Let’s check out the things to consider when rebranding your business.

Refresh your brand vision, mission, and values

The what, how and why of the strategies are covered, respectively, by the company’s vision, mission, and values. Everything from your website overhaul to your hiring procedure can be impacted by vision. Values have an impact on the beliefs, ideas, and guiding principles that guide your firm, while Mission has an impact on the messaging of your brand.

Research on the target audience

Since you are already making changes, consider your customers and determine whether expanding into a new market is a necessary component of revamping your company. By making an effort to connect with a different group of people, you might gain a tonne of new, loyal clients, entirely change the vibe, and grow your organization. Your financial line will benefit greatly from expanding your customer base, and doing so will keep your business exciting and new.

Find out what makes you the flamingo

What makes you stand out from the crows? What is your Unique selling point?
One of the most important factors in convincing a consumer to select you over the competition is how to emphasize your unique selling proposition. Effective branding should highlight your distinctiveness even more.

Rebranding 101_04

Be team inclusive

Your corporate image can be one of the most precious assets, but the people who work every day to expand it are both incredibly valuable. You should consider these people in your marketing plan. Include opinions from all areas of your business; you may be surprised to find some of the best ideas and most insightful criticism in unexpected sections. Give your employees a voice. They will be the names and voices that your customers will associate with your brand.

Remodel your brand

When rebranding, you might be tempted to keep some aspects of your previous identity, such as your logo and color combination.

This is suitable at times. But an effective rebranding strategy must evaluate the brand as a whole to determine whether certain brand components should be preserved, modified, or replaced with stronger brand components.

Launch out Loud

Even the most amazing rebrand is futile if it is never implemented. Be careful to organize the launch of your rebrand and be ready to discuss the reason for the change.

Reduce the possibility of customer confusion by carefully planning a launch that highlights the rebranding’s origins. Case studies may be of assistance.

Give your customers a story they can follow to learn the motivation behind your rebranding. This increases brand recall and customer loyalty while bringing your customers along for the ride.


If you’re a new business working on your branding strategy for the first time or an established business attempting to launch rebranding strategies, it’s best to go with a leading and trusted branding agency Ahmedabad.

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