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What should you look for in a good Corporate video?

By August 30, 2019December 30th, 2020Blog

Having been in the process of making various sorts of Corporate videos for a long time now, I have come to an opinion that a Corporate video is an efficient way to market your business. A good corporate video talks about your business effectively while influencing your target audience. It further contributes to the growth of your business immensely.
But what should you look for in a good Corporate video?

How well is the recce?

Personally, I consider Recce as an important process of making a good Corporate video. Hence, at CC our Film team gets personally involved in this process. We visit the location and spends maximum time at it. This gives us a good opportunity to determine the best possible ways to make your Corporate video.

Our detailed recce for Grainspan enabled us to cover its manufacturing process, practices, products, infrastructure, etc. well. Have a look at the video here.

Basically, recce is the determination of a location before the beginning of a video. Doing so gives a good insight into the best possible ways of making a good Corporate video which proves to be highly beneficial for a brand.

The script has to be good:

You can ignore the quality of a script in usual videos. But as a Corporate video portrays a brand, the quality of the script is as important as the visuals. Such a script holds the power to engage the audience well and grips their attention as well.

Thus, once the Recce is done well, the script should be considered and written accordingly. Quality and experienced writers must be approached to do so. A classic example of such a script can be watched as below:

Is the production up to the mark?

Production of a Corporate video is a critical aspect for a company. It covers the planning of the shoot, use of various technical devices, voice-overs, interviews or testimonials to be covered, etc.
Thus, if the production is up to the mark, the quality of a Corporate video accentuates and after the final edits, the Corporate video is a piece you will cherish forever.
Here’s a fine example of up to the mark production:

Quality video editing:

As you might be aware, no video is shot in a go. A lot of planning and trials go before filming every shot. Once the filming is done, these shots are then brought together to make the final film. And how are they brought together? Through high-quality video editing!
Thus, if you feel that a film is shot well, thank the video editors first! They put in their best efforts to make sure that every shot is placed at the right time, the sound quality of the video is top-notch and any further edits of brightness, colour, etc. are done well.
We made this Corporate video of CIMS Cancer Centre, Ahmedabad. I feel that it is a good example of quality video editing. Watch it as further.

Why don’t you pay a visit a Communication Crafts to discuss more on this? I am sure, we will come up with some fantastic ideas for your Corporate videos.

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