Indian OTT platforms- 2021 report

In a nutshell,

Indian OTT platforms- 2021 report, concisely explores the content consumption habits and patterns in India, highlighting the increase in popularity and usage of OTT platforms in the post-pandemic era.

This in-depth research was conducted to emphasize the impact of the ever-changing digital ecosystem in India. The report also includes views and insights of key personalities and thought leaders like Dr Shailendra Raj Mehta, Preeti Shroff, Mr Chirag Dagli, Dr Darshan Ashwin Trivedi and
many more.

What do you gain from this research?

Find out the real truth about OTT platforms in India.

India is currently the fastest-growing OTT market and is projected to become the sixth-largest by 2024. Nationwide lockdowns due to Covid-19 have fanned the flames of OTT platforms in India.

In order to leverage the sharp increase in content consumption and video production, it is crucially important to understand the evolving trends, growth possibilities and consumer behavior in India.

This report paints a clear picture of the Indian consumers’ digital preferences with precise data and insights. Learn what sells among different Indian demographics and get the information needed to choose the ideal digital platforms for your campaigns.

Accurate statistics and data from market leaders through in-depth analysis help you understand what the future has in store for content creators and consumers.


Chirag Dagli

Founder & Director, Communication Crafts

The rules of the game are constantly changing. A prolonged pandemic has had unforeseen impacts on content consumption habits and patterns. The platforms have tried new and innovative ways to attract the audience and keep them engaged. You’ll find the report full of these insights that have made a difference for these platforms.

Dr. Shailendra Raj Mehta

President and Director, MICA, The School of Ideas.

India which is currently the world’s fastest-growing OTT market is set to become the sixth-largest globally by 2024. The OTT service providers and telecom players have striven to provide the Indian consumers with a greater and more enhanced experience in recent times.

Preeti Shroff, PhD

Dean, MICA-The School of Ideas

The Media and Entertainment (M&E) sector in India faced a complete shutdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic during the year 2021. However, the deeply embedded digital transformations built over the years enabled the industry to emerge stronger with new technology, tools and a deep understanding of digital platforms.

Dr. Darshan Ashwin Trivedi

Adjunct Faculty, MICA – The School of Ideas.

The testing times of COVID19 brought in transformation in consumption patterns as well. Insights of Newspaper consumers, moviegoers, music concerts consumers, travelers, sports enthusiasts, learners, payers, and social gatherings were seamlessly transformed into digital consumers.

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Key points of this report:

  • In-depth & updated analysis of Indian OTT platforms including Video, Music, Social Media, Gaming, Edutainment and Bundled.
  • Views and insights of key personalities and industry leaders.
  • The situation of content consumption in the post-pandemic era.
  • Growth possibilities and evolving trends in different digital platforms.
  • Content consumption habits & patterns among Indian demographics.

The data in this report is sourced from market leaders and in-depth research. So when we say this information is accurate, you can take it to the bank.

Who should read this report?

This report is created to educate the content creators and thought leaders in the Indian Entertainment and Media industry. Every creator needs to understand every digital platform and its consumers to launch campaigns successfully, and that is the main purpose of this research.

Producers of regional content can also benefit from this intriguing and informative report, providing statistics that give you an idea about consumer demands and what other OTT platforms are doing about it.

Wish to learn more about the ‘Indian OTT Platforms 2021’?