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3 Reasons why your marketing strategy should be more personal

By August 20, 2019December 30th, 2020Blog

Having been in the marketing industry for about 16 years, I have come across many marketing trends and strategies. Following the rule of trial and error, I have experimented with quite a few of them. As it happens with every other learner, some of those experiments have failed but some of them have worked effectively as well.
Out of the ones which have worked, I feel that a personalised marketing strategy for the target audience is an effective way of marketing. Here’s why!

1) A personalised ‘affect’ can change the world!
According to an article posted in the website of NCBI (National Centre of Biotechnology Information), anything which affects the human mind serves as information to it. Hence, it is necessary to be sensitive whenever you are getting in contact with the human mind. This should be taken into consideration especially when you are posting anything on the social media platforms. Remember, whatever you post can affect the mind of your potential audience in an assertive or negative way.
If such an affect is created positively, it can play a vital role in influencing potential customers and making them loyal towards your brand. And this can be done more effectively when you personalise your marketing strategy. This is what major brands of the world have been doing so far – creating personalised experiences!

2) Perception is built through a relatable brand identity:
A brand identity is a highly important aspect of the brand. It influences the way a potential customer perceives the brand. Irrespective of the perception being positive or negative, it further impacts their choices. Hence, it must be built carefully and in an impactful manner.
To do so, the best card to play is – ‘Relatable brand identity’. Customers love to buy the things they can relate to. This works for the brand they choose as well. Thus, personalised marketing strategies can help you build your customers can relate to.

3) Exponential sales – Not a dream anymore!
The ultimate goal of marketing is to boost the sales of your brand, right? Then, there is no point in thinking twice about making your marketing strategy more personal. As mentioned above, making your content more personal will influence the potential customers and build customer loyalty, quite essential factors for your brand. When this happens on a significant scale, sales grow exponentially, simple.

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