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Benefits of Content Marketing

By December 14, 2020August 26th, 2022Blog

Summary: The benefits of Content Marketing are unparalleled in the field of Digital Marketing, yet many businesses don’t pay enough attention to their content strategy. This is a detailed account of the 7 content marketing benefits which answers frequently asked questions like: What is content marketing? Why is content marketing effective? What is the importance of content marketing 2021? What are the benefits of content marketing? What are the content marketing advantages and disadvantages?

With more than 5 billion videos watched on YouTube every day & 2.5 billion monthly users on Facebook videos, it is no secret that people love consuming great content. This answers the question “why is content marketing effective?” and provides a reason for the importance of content marketing . Businesses are adopting content marketing strategies into their marketing plan, as it has proven to be effective.

What is the importance of Content Marketing strategy?

If brands can develop an effective strategy for creating content that the audience can easily resonate with, they’ll not only drive leads but increase business sales. Additionally, by adhering to and answering any doubts the audience might have, you can establish trust with your audience.

As of today, there are more than 3.5 billion daily social media users. Connecting with the customers or the target audience is a whole lot simpler! Since people feed on high-quality content, creating a great effective content strategy and putting it to effect, you can create success for your brand, making it easy for brands to reap the benefits of content marketing

Now it might be clear that you have to provide consistently good content if you want to curate a great relationship with your audience.

Still not convinced content is king?

Here is one thing that will change your mind, 91% of B2B marketers use content marketing, from which at least 70% found content increases conversions. Content is really powerful! It has many advantages. Let us see what they are.

1. Increases audience retention

This is a core benefit of content marketing, Bloggers who spent more time with each post are exactly the ones who report effective outcomes.

Back in 2014, the majority of the bloggers hit publish within two hours of starting a blog. Not anymore. With an average writing time of 4 hours in 2020, it is clear that content marketers are reacting to the needs of the customers, with quality becoming much more important.

There is no doubt that great content is an important asset for any business. Providing platform-specific content can curate a positive experience for the potential customers compelling them to come back for more. It is a ticket to capturing your audience’s attention and reinforcing a positive brand impression in the market.

2. Enhances SEO efforts

The more consistent, and valuable the content is, the better it will be for your SEO efforts. Organic ranking on search engines is not easy, but having a higher presence on search engine result pages for the ‘keyword’ or a ‘phrase’ user enters, helps increase the website’s trust and unlocks the benefits of content strategy.

So, when you provide valuable content, it will result in people spending more time on your website, and hence help reduce the bounce rate. This is a good indicator for the search engines that people find useful information on your website, and will result in a better ranking on the search engines.

This is why a good content marketing strategy is important for any business to implement. In B2B companies, 84% of marketers are outsourcing their content creation activities, even though they have the option to create content in-house. The feasible budget and overall success that an established digital marketing company offers for making content work to increase profits, is the main reason why most companies go with the pros.

3. Better social media traction

Living in this digital era, anyone can easily increase their social media following across various digital channels. Although that doesn’t necessarily lead to businesses having increased profits. Despite having a mass following, many companies suffer to convert leads into customers.

This can be remedied through a great content marketing strategy. Creating quality content that your viewers can connect with is one of the content marketing benefits that can help clear any doubts they might have had and make them take the necessary action to buy the business products or services.

Content marketing may take a while for you to see profitable results for your brand. By creating quality content regularly and consistently, you can see the number of conversions increase significantly through time. Now is the right time to make content work for your business.

4. Establishes trust with your audience

Building customer trust and brand loyalty is another core benefit of content marketing. The main thing any business should focus on is building a great relationship with their audience. And this can easily be achieved by creating effective content.

With people spending 11+ hours on electric devices daily, creating good content that provides value to the viewers can work wonders for the growth of your business. By answering the audience’s questions and interacting with them; you create value for your audience, which is why they are more likely to trust your brand over your competitors.

The more valuable the content the viewers consume, the more likely they are to have a positive association with your brand. Although content can be of many types, creating animated explainer videos gives you an advantage over your competitors and easily help boost sales.

5. Give you more authority amongst your competitors

You might not be the only one promoting the same products or services.

Then how is it you come out on top?

Well, it’s not as tough as you would have thought. By creating content that people want to consume, it can put your products and services ahead of your competition. That’s all it takes to reap the fruits of content marketing benefits! Take, for instance, the blogs you write, if it provides content that the viewer was looking for, it will see them spending more time on your website consuming it. This will be a good indicator to search engines that your website has some value to the viewers and thus will help rank better on result pages for a certain ‘keyword search’.

Ranking better will help the company build its authority online. The more credible the company becomes to get information, the better it will be for people to trust you. And when they are looking to buy certain products that your company sells too, who do you think they’ll go with? Of course you, as the content you offered was of great value to them!

6. Generates more leads

It must be crystal clear now that great content delivers success.

But how is that it generates leads?

By providing excellent user experiences for people who land on the landing pages, it can help guide the leads to take a specific action, such as clicking the Call-to-action (CTA) button on a landing page.

But to provide such good experience requires not just writing content. But from making sure the landing page has great visuals, appealing typography, relevant animated video, good copywriting– all these factors help create a good experience for the user, which is the most important part of any content marketing strategy.

Though using landing pages is extensively adopted by digital marketers across the globe, only a few from the lot understand clearly what makes a landing page work so effectively.

7. Show why you are the right choice

Seeing is believing.

 Why is your product the ideal choice for customers? What about your product can make your customers trust you more?

Answering these unique questions through a video helps people trust you more. Empathizing with your audience, helps convert them into customers. According to the insights provided by Google, 68% of buyers prefer product videos from people who would be just like them! Taking customer testimonials from varying personalities of all ages, ethnicities, genders, and backgrounds can prove to be beneficial as it will appeal to all demographics.

 But keep in mind nothing beats a well-narrated story that keeps the viewer glued to their screen till the end.

Producing the best testimonial videos helps connect with the audience and shows the true nature of the business. The best advertising is the one you don’t have to work for. Let your loyal customers do the convincing!

So these were the benefits of content marketing, proving the importance of content marketing 2021.

The simplest way to make it work

Creating a content marketing strategy is the only thing you might need to grow your business. However, choosing and implementing the right strategies is equally important for content to work.

This is where we can help make your job easy!

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