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Branding Agency: Factors to Consider Before Starting your Branding Journey

By December 8, 2021December 9th, 2021Blog
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Table of Content

1. Understand your Branding Journey
2. Study Branding Agencies
3. Contact the Branding Agencies
4. Analyse the Pitches

In the digital era, starting a business is easy, but maintaining its popularity and position is extremely difficult. A business or a brand has an image, a voice and a personality that your audience perceives and acts upon.

The only way for maintaining a steady flow of consumers and increasing sales is Branding.

Well-planned branding strategies are the ultimate solution for staying above the competition and creating long-lasting brand loyalty.

81% of consumers claim that they need to trust a brand before buying its products, which further emphasizes the importance of branding in an environment where competition is always increasing and consumer behaviour is always changing.

From signature colours and logos to social media presence, every bit of digital presence affects the brand’s performance.

This is where a Branding Company comes into play!

Let’s begin by understanding the meaning and significance of branding agency…

What is a Branding Agency?

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A branding agency specializes in building and launching businesses along with rebranding capabilities. The main role of a branding company is to develop carefully structure branding strategies to increase brand awareness and ultimately boost sales. From product packaging to social media marketing, a full-service branding firm delivers end-to-end solutions for business owners.

How Does a Branding Agency Redefine your Brand Image?

An ideal branding company can enhance your brand personality according to your needs and ameliorate many business problems. The ideal branding firm will understand and identify your business concept, target audience and overlooked opportunities to create a brand image that effectively trumps the competition and reserves the spotlight for your brand.

What do branding agencies do?

  • Align your audience’s perception positively
  • Reach a new audience
  • Offer a new message from your brand
  • Offer innovative branding solutions
  • Stay updated with the trends
  • Help your business grow and prosper
  • Create a captivating brand persona

Now that you understand the importance of a branding company for your business, let’s answer the much-awaited question “How do you choose a branding agency?

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How do you Choose a Branding Agency?

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Here are the necessary steps and considerations for choosing the ideal branding company:

  1. Understand your Branding Journey
  2. Study Branding Agencies
  3. Contact the Branding Agencies
  4. Analyse the Pitches

1. Understand your Branding Journey

A branding company needs to fulfil a lot of roles, from structuring branding campaigns to rebranding strategies and more. Attempting to get into branding as a whole won’t give you the desired results.

Comprehending the specific needs and requirements of your business is key to starting a branding journey with a branding company. The main goal is to spark up a conversation about your brand among your audience and direct that conversation towards leads and sales.

Set a mission for your brand and identify the challenges that come with it. Some branding challenges include:

  • How to plunge into a new market
  • Delivering value through your products and services
  • Developing a rebranding strategy
  • Understanding competitors
  • Defining the target audience

There are many more challenges that come in the way of successful branding, and an ideal branding agency will foresee those challenges and plan accordingly. Without a set mission and pre-defined goals, even a leading branding firm will fail to create a successful branding campaign.

2. Study Branding Agencies

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After you have a planned mission for your brand with predefined goals and a targeted audience, it’s time to search for brand experts. Study websites of potential brand agencies and compare them with your goal and business needs.

One of the most important things to consider while choosing a branding agency is case studies – Leading brand experts display case studies to help you make well-informed decisions. This information is crucial because it provides an insight into the branding agency’s expertise and experience, letting you know if they can meet your specific branding goals. For example, if a branding agency firm only works with big enterprises and fortune 500 brands, it may not be suitable for new businesses, and vice versa.

You should also look for specific qualities while studying and researching branding agencies. For example, if you need powerful visual branding, look for a brand with a top-tier graphic design team. Also, check their portfolio to comprehend their ability to solve your branding challenges and their experience with the same industry or target audience.

Additionally, pay close attention to the content uploaded by the branding agency because their online content can show if their branding work can perfectly reflect your brand’s image and persona. If the branding agency’s content speaks to you emotionally, then it is the firm for you.

3. Contact the Branding Agencies

After shortlisting the best-suited branding experts, you must re-evaluate the list and narrow down your search.

Select the best 3 (more or less) branding firms and prepare a detailed Request For Proposal (RFP)

Consider the following points for preparing an effective RFP:

  • How much control do you want to offer your brand agency?
  • Do you have any pre-defined methods or strategies that you want them to implement?
  • Are your branding goals aligning with your planned budget?
  • Do you want a long-term partnership?
  • What do you want from your branding company?

Prepare the answers for such questions and develop a well-orchestrated RFP.

4. Analyse the Pitches

Branding Partner 4

After sending the RFPs, the branding company will contact you. If the branding agencies want your business, they’ll arrange meetings to deliver their pitch for various branding strategies.

Carefully analyse the proposals and pitches of your top 3 branding agencies. Study the benefits, abilities, expertise and strategies promised by the firms and make a well-informed decision according to your branding needs.

It can be an overwhelming task to decide on a single branding agency , take your time, study them thoroughly, and eventually, you’ll reach your decision.

Here are some considerations to help you along the way:

  • Do they align with your branding goals?
  • Do they show experience with your targeted audience?
  • Can they effectively reflect your brand’s image and persona?
  • Does the branding agency reflect your brand’s values and ethics?
  • Do they exhibit scalable opportunities?

If you check “Yes” on all of these questions while considering a branding agency, then you’re ready to begin your branding journey.

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